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Chicago Reborn:
Various Links of Interest

Okay folks, what we have here are a number of links that Eric likes and wants to share with you. Some of these are important sites, some of them are silly, and some of them are other games and things you might want to look at. So, check them out, and enjoy!

Chicago-Related Links

Okay, we know that not everyone in the game knows a lot about Chicago itself. But that's okay. I mean, sure, just because you live in Ann Arbor, that doesn't mean you can't figure out what's going on over there. So here's a small collection of sites - some "official" sites, some very unofficial - that might help you, the player, learn what your character might know about Chicago, and help you get a handle on this "toddling town," as the song calls it. So, read and enjoy, and I hope these sites help....

The City of Chicago Home Page. Here it is; the official page about the city, run by the city. If you want to know about the Police Department, Fire Department, Office of the Mayor or other bureaucratic matters, get some maps and an "tourist's eye view" of the City, this is the place to look. After all, it's the only site officially sanctioned by the city and the mayor!

The Cook County Information Center. The City of Chicago is located in Cook County, Illinois, and a number of civic duties that might normally be handled by the city are instead processed by the County. In case you want to look things up about the County and find out things that the City might be involved in (but are technically under County control), feel free to check out this site - it's filled with useful information!

The Chicago Transit Authority. Need to know how to get around Chicago when your car's in the shop? Then click on over to this page and check out how easy (or not) it is to get around! You also might want to check out The History of the Chicago L for some more transportation notes.

Need to know what's happening in town? Check out two of Chicago's papers! While I'm not saying that the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun Times are perfect papers, they will tell you what the public knows....

Chicago is also known for having several high-quality, world class museums. You might want to check out the virtual versions of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Science and Industry, and the Chicago Children's Museum!

There are several major universities in Chicago, such as the The University of Chicago and The University of Illinois at Chicago, which, in my opinion, are two of the major universities in town. (Caveat: I personally think that the University of Chicago is the most important university in Chicago, but I'm biased towards them since my girlfriend's father was the Chair of a department there.) That's not to say that these are the only important universities in town - after all, Chicago is home to such universities and colleges as the Loyola University of Chicago, DePaul University, Northeastern Illinois University and Northwestern University among many, many other schools....

Also, the The Chicago Collection by Brain Candy contains all sorts of neat and interesting facts about Chicago that you might not find anywhere else. They also have a huge list of Chicago-related links. Many more than I could hope to explore. Go take a peek, and have fun!

Finally, one of the players in our game, Laurie Rich, who plays the Toreador Pomona Scott (also known as Mona, Black Mona), made website for the radio station her character has in-character. You can check out WLSR at here if you want to, and check out the forums she made for the station.... It's all neat stuff, really!

Gaming-Related Links

White Wolf Online. The Big Daddy of it all, these are the people who made the World of Darkness and all of the rules we're playing with. They're also now home to The Camarilla, an officially run fan-based group that runs a world-spanning LARP with thousands of players. (Yes, The Camarilla used to be run by a group other than White Wolf, but after some nasty legal issues involving copyrights, White Wolf now runs it.) Use their catalog to order The Laws of the Night - Revised, if you don't have it already (and you can't find it at your local game shop - support your local retailers, guys!).

Chicago Reborn's Yahoo! Groups page. This the homepage of our email list. Check it out, sign up, read through the archives, see what's been going on in town.... Go hog wild!

One World By Night. Sort of like the Camarilla fan club, this is also a large, world-spanning LARP with thousands of players. However, they have a different hierarchy and organization than The Camarilla does, and each GM is pretty much allowed to run his own show - I believe. Again, I'm not a member, nor do I condone them, but they are neat to check out.

Grapevine LARP Utility Program. This is a nifty little database for organizing and maintaining Mind's Eye Theatre LARP characters. It's good for all MET LARP characters, from Kindred to Kine, and we're using it for this game! It's far from perfect, being a home-grown labor of love by one programmer, but it's better than any other MET LARP management program out there (including the Vampire Print Shop). Feel free to check it out; who knows, you might want to grab a copy of it yourself.

WolfPerfect 3.0. On the other hand, if you're just looking to quickly whip up a character and don't feel like downloading files and setting up a database, there's always this page. However, the character generation here is designed to make characters strictly by the character creation rules in Laws of the Night - Revised. It doesn't work with our Character Generation stuff we're using, but still, check it out. It might be helpful to you.

Roshambo Rampage! This site, lovingly created by the Brunching Shuttlecocks (a wonderful humor site which, alas, is now dead but still online, thankfully) is a play-by-email Rock-Paper-Scissors game, incredibly useful and silly at the same time. I've used it enough for this LARP that it pretty much qualifies as game resource by now....

Jason Corley's Homepage! I refer to this guy's writings a lot, especially for the "Stupid LARP Tricks" for clans. Here's his page itself, so you can look at his other semi-brilliant ideas.... (I personally like the "Exploding Dinosaur Bombs" for Mage!)

Other LARPs in the Area

Elegy of Blood. This game, run by Rob Warehall, Andy Lloyd and Jake McLeod (two of our Storytellers and the Greater Harpy of Chicago) is an all-Sabbat LARP that takes place in Detroit, in a more "mainstream" version of the World of Darkness than the one we're using in this game (e.g., they're following the meta-plot, they've had the Week of Nightmares, the End Times are happening and so on) and the End of the World is occuring. There's a big player overlap between this game and Chicago Reborn, and it's been a damned interesting game so far! You might want to check it out, and well, given that two of their storytellers are two of our storytellers, we're working to make sure that the game dates don't ever conflict. So, what the heck - give into your Sabbat urges, check out their site, and maybe we'll see you at both games....

Flint: Sanctuary's Edge. Well, I know some of the players in our games come down to Ann Arbor from Saginaw and Flint and other places like that, and I figured I should let you all know about some games that might be happening closer to your turf! This Anarch game is run by Marian Aanerud, who also plays the Follower of Set Syndee Reich in our game. It takes place in Flint, it involves Anarchs, it's part of the One World by Night group of inter-connected LARPs, and from what I've been hearing, the people involved with it are having a good time (although I personally haven't had a chance to go check it out). Feel free to check out the site, make the trip and check it out - the more games the merrier, right?

Sapientia in Tenebris. I know I mentioned the Camarilla Fan Club in our links above, and guess what? They've finally gotten around to making an Ann Arbor chapter (technically, it's Chapter MI-013-I, which covers Washtenaw and Jackson Counties). The chapter is running two LARPs - a Camarilla/Anarch LARP (named One Step Closer, running on the third Friday of the month) and a Changeling LARP (named Whispered into Afternoon, running on the first Saturday of each month). I'm not entirely certain if this Camarilla Chapter is still active, as it looks like the website hasn't been updated in some time, but you can learn more about the games that this Chapter is running by checking out the In-Character Pages for them at It's up to you to contact them and see if these games are still going, if you're interested - I just don't know, you know?

That's about it for LARPs in the area that we know about, but as we learn of other games, we'll post their links here, okay?