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Chicago Reborn:
Moments Frozen In Time

Well, folks, if all goes well, this section of the website will be dedicated to the photos that people take at our sessions - after all, I've seen you all there, snapping away with your digital cameras and whatnot and, well, I figure you can share the wealth, so to speak.

If you take a picture at one of the sessions and like it and want to share, send it to me, and well, if I like it as well, I'll post it here - and maybe even give you a point of experience or something like that for providing me with supplemental LARP goodies that I can post and use. I'll try to give credit where credit it due and all that.

So, feel free to check out the photos, folks, take some of your own, and enjoy!

Session Twenty: ...Between Myself and the Powers of Darkness; November 8th, 2003.

Session Twenty-Five: Sleeping in Flame; April 10th, 2004 (also the Second Anniversary of the Game).

Session Thirty: Rage Against the Dying Light; September 18th, 2004.

Session Thirty-One: Child Across The Sky; October 9th, 2004.

Session Thirty-Two: Like A Flower, Like A Flame; November 13th, 2004.