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"Now at midnight all the agents / And the superhuman crew
Come out and round up everyone / That knows more than they do...."

--Desolation Row, by Bob Dylan.

Come join Blacklight Productions at ShoreCon 2001 for the second chapter of their Decline of the Empire State Chronicle, entitled Desolation Row.

Note From Eric:: As far as I know, sadly, the game is now defunct, mostly due to me moving to Ann Arbor, Michigan. I believe that Joe Rosa, the new Storyteller, has set up another web page for the game at this site, but I'm not certain what's going on with it. For now, I'm assuming the game is dead, but I'm leaving this site up for those who might be interested in seeing what sort of games I've run in the past....

The Prince of New York City, Alexander von Merjenkenstein, is trying to broker a peace between himself, the Princes of Long Island and the Camarilla Territories in New Jersey. To that end, he is calling for a gathering betweent the three factions. This gathering will take place in Marble Hill, the sole Camarilla outpost in the Anarch-controlled Bronx, and there will be a large party at the gathering celebrating the peace. Your characters are invited to join the various Princes, their retinues and the Anarchs for an evening or two of intense politics, intrigue, conspirarcy and plotting as a hard peace is hammered out....

Desolation Row is set in White Wolf’s World of Darkness. You can go here to get some back story on the chronicle. We will be using the Mind’s Eye Theatre rules from Laws of the Night - Revised (also known as Third Edition). You can view our house rules, including what few modifications we've made to the Mind's Eye Theatre Rules, here. Please note that we are using Third Edition rules, but we are not using White Wolf’s Third Edition setting! So, to give two examples, the Gangrel are still part of the Camarilla, and the Assamites are still cursed by the Tremere....

We are requesting Kindred characters only; specifically, we are requesting characters that are of the seven Camarilla clans (Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tremere, Ventrue). We are also accepting Caitiff characters - provided that those characters are Acknowledged - we leave it up to you to explain why your Caitiff is Acknowledged. We are using character creation rules straight from Laws of the Night - Revised with one or two modifications; you can get some slightly more detailed information regarding character creation here. Please note that we must receive your character by September 1st. After September 1st, we are not accepting characters; players can play pre-generated door characters that the staff will make.

If you played in our previous game, All Tomorrow's Parties, and would like to receive experience points in order to improve your character (or to use as free traits to make a better character for this game), we need to recieve your chronicle of events from the last game by September 1st. Chronicles received after September 1st will still get experience points, but the experience will not be applicable to characters active in Desolation Row.

Shorecon 2001 will be held from September 20 to September 23 in the Hilton Hotel located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. For more information regarding ShoreCon2001 (such as their prices and other games running at ShoreCon), check out their webpage.

Non-functional props and props cleared by MonCon are permitted and even welcomed. The event will have a fee of $15 in addition to whatever fees MonCon charges. This fee is to cover the material expenses we incur putting together this game.

Feel free to look around the website and have fun exploring! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Joe Rosa, the Head Storyteller! (See here for news about the change in Head Storytellers....)

See you at ShoreCon 2001!

"This is much more fun than being an Assamite Black Hand Templar Crack Monkey!"

-Tony Galasso, after playing the first game in our decidedly more political New York Chronicle (as opposed to our more violent New Jersey Chronicle)....

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