1969 :  BEGIN



1970’s :  $6,000,000 man.  Roller-disco.  Learned to play the Contra-bass.



1980’s :  First walkman… Journey’s Escape subsequently burned indelibly into my memory.  I also wore out a copy of Devo’s Whip-It by playing it on repeat.


Learned to program on Commodore Pet.  My first home-computer was a Sinclair ZX-81.  Next was a C64 which I used up through college.  Discovered Hardcore and Death Rock in 84, and Industrial in ~86.  Plenty of New Wave in between.  Became heavily obsessed with all things Wax-Trax related.



1990’s :  Amassed a huge collection of experimental music.  DJ’d “2 A Reality Syndrome” on WUSB (Long Island) from ‘93-’96.  Began writing music in ’95 on a P90.  Married in 1998.



2000’s :  Daughter born in 2003.  Sold my standup bass for a synthesizer... been hoarding synths ever since.