Fatty New Year!

New Year's 2002: We drank very cheap Champagne and watched hookers dancing at a gas station. We wore out the Playstation, tried on electric guitars and played one-person charades.

And I've got the fotos to prove it.

Everyone was feeling especially lazy this New Year's Eve. Of the six people hanging out at Chris and Kelly's lovely new Oakland apartment, at least four of them had every intention of going to Vegas for the big event. But really, can Vegas ever compare favorably to Oakland?

The answer's no _ especially when there's Playstation, cheap Champagne and hookers involved. Check out how excited Kelly and Ryan are to be dueling at Paperboy.

And then there was charades. With just Kelly and her friend Dani. (Does that make it two-person or one-person charades? I guess two-person. It sounded funnier to say one-person, though, didn't it?) Afterwards, Kelly was very tired and decided to cup herself.

Meanwhile, Chris and Liana were going at it in the "music room." I put "music room" in quotes, but it really is a music room.

Oh, and Chris and Liana weren't having sex. They were jammin'.

Chris and Liana stopped rocking about two seconds before midnight, when we all rushed into the living room to pop the Cook's. We passed around the awful, truly awful, Champagne, Fatty ate some more (don't I look kinda guilty about it? I don't know why), and then we all perched in the windows to cheer on the hookers.

All in all, very satisfying.

Foto by Ryan

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