Fat Kelly's Birthday!

Once upon a time (my way of saying a long-ass time ago), Kelly turned 22. And on that fabulous day, the Oscar's were on TV (yes, now you know exactly how long ago). In her honor, we ate and drank, which is, in fact, the same thing that the Fatty's do every day of the year, so it wasn't really in Kelly's honor at all.

But that's not important. What's important is that tensions were running high through the whole evening. We had a betting pool for the Oscar's. I have no idea who won. (It was three month's ago, for God's sake. Actually, I do remember who won, but I won't reveal his name here because I think he was obnoxious about winning.)

Look at the fear on our faces!

Thank God there was plenty to drink. Here are some drinking fotos, in case you needed proof.

And there were cats, two of them, which is always a good thing. Except when the cats look a little evil.

Totally off topic: Liana and Fatty took care of these cats last weekend, and apparently we scarred at least one of them for life. Poor ******* **** (can't mention the name because of privacy issues) stared out the window or hid under the bed just about the whole time he was here.

Then again, that's what I usually do.

Happy Birthday three months ago, Kelly!

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