Fat Cats!

This is not a cat.

I'd like to introduce you to the newly adopted cats of Chris and Kelly, but I can't. Their names will never be mentioned on this Website. It's a long story, a long and rather hilarious story, but all I can say here is that their names must remain a secret from one person, and therefore can never appear on Fatty's Page. If you really must know their names, email fatty@fattyspage.com and I'll tell you. If you're the person from whom this must be kept a secret, I'll lie to you.

Anyway, enough of this nonsense. Here are the cats!

Chris and Kelly adopted these two losers on Fatty's birthday, I believe. Or maybe it was the day after. Or the week before. I can't remember.

The guy on the left was extremely ill. I thought for sure he was gonna die. Apparently he's still alive. The one on the right was cute and really liked Liana.

I like cats.

By the way, the dog at the top belongs to our neighbor. I have no idea what his name is, what kind of dog he is, or even whether or not he's a he. He's cute though, don't you think?

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