Bowlers are so Fat!

Bowling is exercise (lifting, throwing, moving one's legs, etc.), so it really should be against Fatty nature to enjoy such an activity. And yet, every now and then, even Fatties like to actually stand and move around a bit. Not very often, mind you, but sometimes it happens.

Besides, on this particular bowling day, someone gave us free cake. This kid (you can probably see him in one or two of these pics, but I have no idea which kid's birthday it was, because none of us asked), who happened to be rather fat and seemed more than a little lonely, held his Big Party at the bowling alley. Maybe that's why he seemed so lonely. After he and the other children were done stuffing their faces, they gave us the rest of their chocolate cake so we could stuff our faces. The best part _ they only gave us one fork. Which is fine, because Fatties like to eat with their hands.

(You make ask yourself at some point, Why are there no pictures of this cake? That would be a stupid question, dumbass. In order to get a foto of the cake I would've had to put the cake down and pick up a camera. Like that was gonna happen.)

(More paranthetical thought _ I feel compelled to mention here that it is currently Oct. 14 and I started building this particular page sometime in mid-August. The actual event took place July 4. So basically the chances of this text making any sense at all are equivalent to the square root of -36. ((Double paranthetical _ I know the square root of -36 sounds like a really geeky thing to say, but a) I'm a geek and b) that number came up recently at a drunken birthday party that Liana surely doesn't remember, so it's been on my mind.)) OK, enough of this crappity crap.)

I was gonna avoid mentioning the fact that Marky Mark is in these fotos. But ooops! too late.

Check out the excitement here...

And even more excitement...

(By the way, I'd mention what we're so excited about, but I have no recollection at all. I know later in the evening we set off fireworks, which was thrilling, but there certainly weren't any fireworks at the bowling alley. Unless you count what was happening in Chris's pants, which I don't.)

Anyway, I think we're all dancing in the first set of fotos. (I almost wrote hotos. Ha!)

And finally, our proudest moment: Mocking the little girl in the corner. Interesting sidenote: She's *not* the lonely birthday boy.

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