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step1: Procede to the following defualt path on your comp if you have not changed the directory C:\Program files\Dreamcatcher\Superpower 2\MODS\SP2
step 2: In this folder you will find a file called ehe_entities.xml. Take this file and move it to a safe location in case you wish to use it in the future.
step 3: Return to this page and right click on the below link. and click save. Save it to the C:\Program files\Dreamcatcher\Superpower 2\MODS\SP2 folder. (or wherever you installed SP2)
step 4: Play the game and tell me how it works.

Ruges EHE11

Alternate Directions:
1 DL the file anywhere but the SP2 folder and name it Ruges_EHE11.xml
2 Then move the file to the Dreamcatcher\Superpower 2\MODS\SP2
3 Right click this file and click edit sp2_cfg_server.xml (it iis in the Dreamcatcher\Superpower 2\MODS\SP2 folder)
4 Where it says <ENTITIES_FILE>ehe_entities.xml</ENTITIES_FILE> remove the ehe_entities.xml and rename it to Ruges_ehe11.xml

click here to download file

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