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The Library is an ongoing project to document the Nuclear Age, through the collection of artifacts and publications, with the intent of furthering the knowledge and understanding of this era. Focus is primarily on nuclear weapons, and the part they have played in the political, social, and economic world. The collection is at present very modest, but grows continuously.
Below is a document listing most of the publications in The Library. Not listed are the numerous articles from various periodicals and pamphlets, and the artifacts that are in the collection. In the future, a full listing will be available, and photographs of the artifacts will also be made available for viewing.
If you have anything to add to The Library, you are encouraged to contact the Curator. All donated items will be gladly accepted, postage paid by The Library. Anything offered for sale will be given due consideration. The Library does not accept any Classified documents or materials, nor any radioactive items that cannot be delivered through the U.S. Postal Service. For details regarding possession and mailing of radioactive materials, click here.

Title Author First Name Author Last Date Synopsis
America, Russia, and the Cold War: 1945-1980   LaFeber 1980 4th Edition
American Ground Zero: the Secret Nuclear War Carol Gallagher 1993  
Armed Forces of the Soviet State, The: (a Soviet View) Marshal Grechko 1975  
Arms Control in International Politics David Edwards 1969  
Atomic Energy For Military Purposes Henry DW Smyth 1989 Orig Pub'd in 1945, known as the Smyth Report
Ballistic Missiles in Modern Conflict W. Seth Caras 1991  
Bombshell: the Secret story of America's Unknown Atomic Spy Conspiracy   Albright & Kunstel 1997  
Bravo 20: the Bombing of the American West Richard Misrach 1990  
Caging the Nuclear Genie: An American Challenge For Global Security Stansfield Turner 1997  
Changing Face of Nuclear Warfare, The: Emerging Technology-Strategy-Weaponry Laurence Martin 1987  
Cold War Ronald Powaski 1998  
Common Sense and Nuclear Warfare Bertrand Russel 1959  
Controlling the Bomb: Nuclear Proliferation in the 1980s Lewis Dunn 1982  
Counsels of War Gregg Herken 1997  
Critical Mass: The Dangerous Race for Superweapons in a Fragmenting World   Burrows & Windrum 1994  
Danger and Survival: Choices About the Bomb in the First 50 Years McGeorge Bundy 1988  
Dark Sun: the Making of the Hydrogen Bomb Richard Rhodes 1995  
Day of Trinity Lamont Lansing 1985 The events leading up to, and including, the first man-made nuclear explosion
Day One: Before Hiroshima and After Peter Wyden 1984  
Day We Bombed Utah, The: America's Most Lethal Secret John Fuller 1984  
Dynamics of the Arms Race, The   Carlton & Schaerf 1975  
Effects of Nuclear Weapons, The Samuel Glasstone 1962 The Bible of Nuclear Weapons effects
Enola Gay   Thomas & Witts 1977  
Heisenberg's War: The Secret History of the German Bomb Thomas Powers 1993  
Hiroshima in America: Fifty Years of Denial   Lifton & Mitchell 1995  
Hiroshima: Why America Dropped the Atomic Bomb Ronald Takari 1995  
ICBM: the Making of the Weapon that Changed the World Harry Stine 1991 The political and technological events that gave birth to the ICBM
International Politics in the Atomic Age John Herz 1959  
Iron Destinies Lost Opportunities Charles Morris 1988  
Japan's Secret War: Japan's Race Against Time to Build Its Own Atomic Bomb Robert Wilcox 1995  
Language of Nuclear War, The; An Intelligent Citizen's Dictionary   Semler, Benjamin, & Gross 1987 A dictionary of cold war terminology
Long-Range Missile-Equipped: (a Soviet View)        
Looking the Tiger in the Eye: Confronting the Nuclear Threat   Feldbaum & Bee 1988  
Making of the Atomic Bomb, The Richard Rhodes 1986  
Meaning of the Nuclear Revolution, The: Statecraft and the Prospect of Armageddon Robert Jervis 1989  
Myths of August, The: Stewart Udall 1994  
Naval Race or Arms Control in the Indian Ocean?   Cotrel & Hahn 1878  
No Place to Hide 1946/1984 David Bradley 1983  
Nuclear Age, The: From Hiroshima to Star Wars John Newhouse 1989 UK Edition of War & Peace in the Nuclear Age
Nuclear Arms Race, The L.B. Taylor, Jr. 1982  
Nuclear Delusion, The: Soviet-American Relations in the Atomic Age George Kennan 1983 A sober view of the US/Soviet relationship by the former US Ambassador to Russia
Nuclear Fear: a History of Images Spencer Weart 1988  
Nuclear Madness: What You Can Do Helen Caldicott 1994  
Nuclear Planning in NATO: Pitfalls of First Use Daniel Charles 1987  
Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982   USDOE    
Nuclear Weapons and Law   Miller & Feinrider 1984  
Nuclear Weapons Databook vol IV: Soviet Nuclear Weapons   Natural Resources Defense Council 1989 The state of the USSR's weapons program as we knew it
Nuclear Weapons of the United States James Gibson 1996 A simplified look at the major weapons-delivery systems
Nuclear Winter and National Security: Implications for Future Policy   USGPO 1986  
Nuclear-Weapon-Free World, A: Desirable? Feasible? Joseph Rotblat 1993  
One-Point-Safe Andrew & Leslie Cockburn 1997  
Operation Crossroads: The Official Pictorial Record   Off. Hist., JTF-1 1946 Rarely seen photos in a simulated embossed leather cover
Oppenheimer Hearing, The John Major 1971 How the Father of the Atomic Bomb was made a pariah by the Establishment he helped create
Overview: Yucca Mountain Site, Nev. Research and Development Area, Nevada   USDOE 1988  
Picturing the Bomb:   Fermi & Samra 1995  
Plutonium and the Rio Grande: Environmental Change and Contamination in the Nuclear Age William Graf 1994  
Plutonium Business and the Spread of the Bomb, The Walter Patterson 1984  
Plutonium Files, The: America's Secret Medical Experiments in the Cold War Eileen Welsome 1999 The history of American Human Radiation Experiments
Progress in Arms Control?   Scientific American 1979 A Collection of articles from the periodical
Radiation: Doses, Risks, Effects   UN Environmental Programme 1991  
Rain of Ruin        
Samson Option, The: Israel's Nuclear Arsenal and American Foreign Policy Seymour Hersh 1991 How American Politics helped Isreal join the Nuclear Club
Scientists in Power Spencer Weart 1979 History of the French Nuclear Program
Second Nuclear Era, The   Weinberger, et al 1985  
Sourcebook on Atomic Energy Samuel Glasstone 1958 Textbook
Soviet Air Power and the Pursuit of New Military Options   USAF (Undated)  
Special Tasks: The Memoirs of an Unwanted Witness-A Soviet Spymaster Pavel Sudoplatov 1994  
Trinity's Children: Living Along America's Nuclear Highway Laurence Martin 1987  
Trinity's Children: Living Along America's Nuclear Highway   Bartimus & McCartney 1991  
U.S. Nuclear Weapons: a Secret History Chuck Hansen 1988 An authoritative history of America's weapons
Understanding Nuclear Weapons and Arms Control: A Guide to the Issues Teena Mayers 1986  
War and Peace in the Nuclear Age John Newhouse 1988 US version of The Nuclear Age
Widows of Hiroshima: The Life Stories of Nineteen Peasant Wives Mikio Kanda 1982  
Winning Weapon, The: The Atomic Bomb in the Cold War 1945-1950 Gregg Herken 1988  

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