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P.O. Box 640461, Beverly Hills, FL 34464-0461
E-mail: emalcohn@earthlink.net

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Malcohn Enterprises: communications services
Writing/Editing/Publishing/Visual Art
Community Service and Activities
Additional Interests

Computer Skills
I have worked on both PC and Mac platforms.
Word Processing: MS Word, WordPerfect, Lotus WordPro, others
Spreadsheet: Excel, Lotus 1-2-3
Desktop Publishing: PageMaker, Quark XPress, MS Publisher, Lotus Freelance
Graphics: Corel Presentations, PowerPoint
Database: DBase (rudimentary), MS Access
Statistical: SAS (rudimentary)
Internet: HTML

Malcohn Enterprises -- Click here for the updated Malcohn Enterprises webpage.

Word Processing
Desktop Publishing
Tape Transcription
Creative and Fine Arts


Officially established in 1988, Malcohn Enterprises is the logical continuation of freelance work that I've performed for years in addition to my "day job." Many of the tasks below are similar to what I've done in my various employed positions as well; to view those in more detail, click on Employment.


In 2002 I was trained as a voice-over artist at Chart Productions, Inc. My demo includes commercial and industrial applications (.wma files, Windows Media Audio). To date my VO activities have been in the form of volunteer work, in commercials for Citrus County cable station WYKE (with Sunshine Video Productions) and in speaking more than a thousand names for the Vietnam Veterans Gathering, Inc., Voices for the Wall project.


Articles, business plans, press releases, promotional materials, video scripts, Web materials. Examples have included "News Notes" for Arthur D. Little, for whom I condensed articles from their publication "Spectrum" into press release format; Web writing for The Graduate Center at Marlboro College; corporate video scriptwriting for Thomas Communications; and flyers and ad copy for various small businesses. I had performed writing and editing for Abt Associates Inc. as an employee and continue to do so as a vendor. For written material where I have a byline, go to my bibliography. For other, mostly unpaid writing and editing postions, click on Writing/Editing/Publishing/Visual Art.

Word Processing

Includes formatting and design, equations, and varieties of troubleshooting. I have worked in MS Word, WordPerfect, Lotus WordPro, MultiMate (back in the Pleistocene), and a couple of the more ancient languages when 8-inch floppies were de rigeur. Back in the Cretaceous period, I wrote a primer on a very early word-processing program called SOS -- see my stint as a Teaching and Research Assistant at Stevens Tech. I was also part of a team that produced a series of books for Cliffs Notes called Cliffs Quick Reviews, and word-processed the equation-filled Solutions Manual for Chemical Fate and Transport in the Environment (Harold F. Hemond and Elizabeth J. Fechner-Levy, Academic Press, 2000).

Desktop Publishing

I've employed both PageMaker and Quark XPress in newsletter and brochure production. Past clients have included the Town of Harvard (Massachusetts) and the Harvard (University) Business School.

Tape Transcription

I can accommodate both standard-sized and microcassettes and now have digital capability. I have transcribed book dictation, conferences, expert elicitations, focus group meetings, interviews, lectures, radio shows, and roundtable discussions for Abt Associates Inc.; Boston Architectural Center; Boston Society of Architects; The Cultivated Gardener; Harvard University (undergraduate and several graduate schools); Industrial Economics, Inc.; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Minelli, Inc.; Outward Bound (Expeditionary Learning); Moshe Safdie & Associates; Thomas Communications; Tufts University (Veterinary Medicine magazine); Tulane University School of Architecture; The Winthrop Group; The World Media Foundation (Living on Earth); and various small businesses and private individuals. In one job, for WGBH, I recorded as well as transcribed a 2-day conference, which required a quick purchase of the right equipment and learning, on my feet, the nuances of recording a group discussion.


I have taught science fiction writing at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education, writing from observation at the Dorchester Center for Adult Education, and creative writing at the Art Center of Citrus County.. I was on the 2008 faculty of the Florida Writers Association's 7th Annual Conference and the 2009 World Science Fiction Convention. See below for a list of workshops I've given at various events. I have also given private instruction in writing and music.

Creative and Fine Arts

I have provided services in calligraphy, personalized poetry for all occasions, and musical performance. In the year 2000 I began selling and exhibiting mixed media art. In 2006 I began selling and exhibiting photographs, including digital collages. See also Visual Art, below.

I created the cover at left in Sketcher, for "Once Upon A Time," a collection of my musical improvisations. My Original Music page contains more information, including clips.
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Writing/Editing/Publishing/Visual Art

For annual updates on what's below:
2011 update

Positions Held

Member, Broad Universe.
#####Motherboard, 2010-present
Member, Science Fiction Poetry Association, 1980s, rejoined 2006.
#####Guest editor, "Interplay" section, Star*Line 34(4), Oct.-Dec. 2011
Member, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, 1980s, rejoined 2005.
Faculty, Florida Writers Association's 7th Annual Conference, 2008. Member, FWA, 2008-2009.
2003-present: Member, Florida State Poets Association/National Federation of State Poetry Societies.
#####Recording secretary of FSPA, 2004-2005.
#####Produced annual poetry anthologies in 2003 and 2004; edited and produced 2005, 2006, and 2007 anthologies.
#####Contest Chair of FSPA, 2011.
2003-2009: Instructor, Art Center of Citrus County, Hernando, FL: Taught course "From Muse to Manuscript" and led Writers' Circle group from 2004-2008. Served as recording secretary for visual arts in 2004-2005. Editor of the center's monthly newsletter, The Art Center News (formerly The Palette), 2006-2009.
2002: Instructor, Dorchester Center for Adult Education, Boston, MA: Taught course "Human/Nature: Honing Your Powers of Observation."
1990-1992: Instructor, Cambridge Center for Adult Education, Cambridge, MA: Taught course "Science Fiction Writing: Reality as Metaphor."
1986-1988: Sole Proprietor, A Touch of DeBergerac, Cambridge, MA: Wrote and marketed personalized poetry, narratives, and calligraphy. Products included greeting cards, plaques, and hand-carved art stamps.
1986-1988: Editor, Star*Line/Science Fiction Poetry Association: Chose copy from submissions; wrote editorial and review copy. Typeset text and performed layout and design. Maintained mailing and bibliographic lists. Represented the organization at conventions. Was associate editor in 1985. Was member of Rhysling Awards Committee to choose finalists for Rhysling Award (given for best science fiction and speculative poetry published in a given year, as determined by SFPA membership). Coordinated with other SFPA officers.
1982-1984 Member, Seven Poets Anthology Collective, New York, NY: Planned and published poetry anthology, We're Working On It! (1984). Contributed and edited material, helped to coordinate and implement fundraising and performance functions, word processed text. Served as Boston area sales representative to local bookstores.
1975-1979: Wagner College, Staten Island, NY: Editor-in-Chief, Hallucinations (psychology department newsletter), 1976-79; Editor-in-Chief, The Note (newsletter of the Alpha Tau Mu, honorary music society), 1976-79; Editor-in-Chief, Nimbus (literary and creative arts magazine), 1977-78; served as staff editor from 1975-77; Member, Wagner College Board of Publications, 1977-78.
Listed with Poets & Writers, Inc., 1980s, re-listed in 2008.
Listed in Who's Who in U.S. Writers, Editors, & Poets, 1980s.

Awards and Nominations

2011: Second place, Florida State Poets Association mini-contest, October.
2010: Winner, Woodview Coffee House song-writing contest.
2010: Recommended reading list: The Year's Best Science Fiction, 27th Annual Collection (for "Flotsam" in Asimov's, Oct./Nov. 2009).
2010: Second place, Florida State Poets Association mini-contest (free verse category), April.
2009: First place, Florida State Poets Association mini-contest, April.
2009: Recommended reading list: The Year's Best Science Fiction, 26th Annual Collection (for "Hermit Crabs" in Electric Velocipede #14).
2008: Second place, Florida State Poets Association mini-contest, October.
2008: Honorable Mention, The Drabbler themed contest #12, October.
2007: Honorable Mention, Science Fiction Poetry Association sonnet contest.
2005: First place (category #19), third place (categories #3, #13), first honorable mention (category #10), third honorable mention (categories #7, #9), citation (category #4), Florida State Poets Association 31st Annual Contests.
2004: First place (category #9), second place (category #6), third place (category #3), first honorable mention (category #12), third honorable mention (categories #7, #8, #15, #17), Florida State Poets Association 30th Annual Contests.
2004: First place (category #39), second place (category #49), first honorable mention (category #9), second honorable mention (category #7), third honorable mention (category #29), fourth honorable mention (category #36), fifth honorable mention (category #24), and citations (categories #40 and 46), National Federation of State Poetry Societies, Inc. 45th Annual Contests.
2003: Second place (category #18), third place (category #16), first honorable mention (category #17), and third honorable mention (category #21), Florida state poetry competitions; second place (categories #11 and #17) and third honorable mention (categories #12 and #14), Indiana state poetry competitions; third place (category #11), Minnesota state poetry competitions.
2002: Co-winner of The Sea Shell Game #53, for haiku, at http://www.ahapoetry.com.
1989: Reached preliminary ballot for 1989 Nebula Awards given by Science Fiction Writers of America.
1986, 1982-4: Finalist, Rhysling Award (Science Fiction Poetry Association).
1985: Finalist, John W. Campbell Award (given at Science Fiction World Convention);
Recipient, River Reader Prize for Fiction.
1983: Recipient, New England Science Fiction Association Short Story Award.
1977: Recipient, Dale C. Donaldson Memorial Award (award was created specifically for my submission).
1976: Honorable Mention, Lyric College Contest; Honorable Mention, Marie Louise D'Esternaux Award (Brooklyn Poetry Circle).
1972: Recipient, Read Magazine Creative Writing Award

Performances, Workshops, Panels

Mar. 19, 2011: Panelist, Cold Read/Critiques, Homosassa Library, Homosassa, FL.
Feb. 23, 2011: Speaker, "A Gaggle of Muses: Creativity for Fun and Sometimes Profit," Kings Bay Rotary Club.
Jan. 5, 2011: Panelist, "The Heart of Poetic Expression...Learning to Romance Words," Tampa Writers Alliance.
Nov. 12, 2010: Panelist, Write-In, Central Ridge Library, Beverly Hills, FL. Panel Q&A (hating one's characters, when one must hurt characters, making characters three-dimensional, when one's plot falls apart, how to keep motivated, and more), followed by individual attention given in small groups.
Oct. 22-24, 2010: Panelist, Necronomicon 29, St. Petersburg, FL. I was part of a speculative poetry workshop and was on the panel "Pitfalls & Traps Writers Can Avoid on the Road to Success."
Oct. 20, 2010: Panelist, NaNoWriMo Kickoff, Lakes Region Library, Inverness, FL. Topics: genre (with a concentration in science fiction and memoir) and general advice for writers.
Oct. 8-10, 2010: Panelist, Spooky Empire, Orlando, FL. Panels: "Believers, Skeptics, and Cynics;" "Poetry: Spice Your Story;" "Villain or Victim: Which Is Easier to Write?"; "Research and History Can Make or Break Your Story;" and a Q&A panel as part of John Citrone's presentation "Writing Fiction Isn't as Hard as it Seems -- It's Much Harder."
July 10-11, 2010, Ancient City Con IV, Jacksonville, FL. I gave workshops in plot/character development and speculative poetry.
May 28-30, 2010: Panelist, Oasis 23, Orlando, FL. Was on panels "Voices From Alternate Worlds" and "Poetry Hour."
April 10, 2010: Leader, workshop "Worth a Thousand Words: Using Photographic Principles in Poetry," Spring Fling meeting of the Florida State Poets Association, Hernando, FL.
March 27, 2010: Panelist, Cold Read/Critiques, Homosassa Library, Homosassa, FL.
November 13, 2009: Panelist, Write-In, Central Ridge Library, Beverly Hills, FL. Presentation: "Self-Editing and Watching For Craft."
October 29, 2009: Reader, Halloween Horrorfest, Homosassa Library, Homosassa, FL.
October 23-25, 2009: Necronomicon, St. Petersburg, FL. Panels: "Chasing Dreams: How I Came to be a Writer" (moderating), "What is Art's Place in Society?", "E-Book formats & DRM Methods," and "Genre Jumping."
October 22, 2009: Panelist, "The Business of Books: Fantasy" on Conversations LIVE!. Read the transcript here.
October 19, 2009: Panelist, NaNoWriMo Kickoff, Lakes Region Library, Inverness, FL. Presentation: Social Networking for Writers. An online version of my handout, with live links, is here.
September 19, 2009: Presenter, Florida Writers Association, Tampa Chapter, Tampa, FL. Presentation: "Harnessing the Power of Detail."
August 6-10, 2009: Anticipation: The 67th World Science Fiction Convention, Montreal, Ontario, Canada. I read with Broad Universe and the Science Fiction Poetry Association and gave professional manuscript critiques at the Writer's Workshop.
May 22-24, 2009: Panelist, Oasis 22, Orlando, FL. Was on panels "Poetry Answers Art," "How to Make a World Believable," and "Poetry Hour."
November 18, 2008: Panelist, "NaNoWriMo Write-In," Citrus County Library System, Homosassa Branch, Homosassa, FL.
November 14-16, 2008: Faculty, Florida Writers Association "Chart Your Course" 7th Annual Conference. Taught workshops "Finding the Dots: Connecting the Patterns of Metaphor" and "Persona Workshop in Character and Plot Development" and participated in Open Mic.
October 29, 2008: Panelist, "NaNoWriMo Kickoff," Citrus County Library System, Lakes Region Branch, Inverness, FL.
October 18, 2008: Keynote Speaker, Florida State Poets Association convention, Wesley Chapel, FL.
October 10-12, 2008: Panelist, Necronomicon, St. Petersburg, FL. I moderated "Defining Romantic Art and Literature" and was also on panels "Linking Poetry and Art" and "Creating Alternative Worlds."
October 8, 2008: Guest, Sci-Fi Times TV Show #3: "Tough Chicks".
August 29-September 1, 2008: Panelist, DragonCon, Atlanta, GA. I was on panels "To Be SF ... or Not To Be SF?" and "Small Press & Self-Publishing."
August 6-10, 2008: Panelist and reader, Denvention 3: The 66th World Science Fiction Convention, Denver, CO. I joined the Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading and was on panels "Creating Speculative Poetry" and "The Epic Journey: Life vs. Fiction" (as moderator). Panel descriptions may be found here.
July 17-20, 2008: Reader, Readercon 19: The conference on imaginative literature,, Burlington, MA. I joined the Science Fiction Poetry Association's "Poetry Slan" and the Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading.
June 21, 2008: Reader, "Fantasy Fest" at the Carrollwood Barnes and Noble, Tampa, FL, as part of a book-signing and fund-raising event to benefit Egypt Lake Elementary School in Tampa.
May 23-26, 2008: Panelist and reader, WisCon: The World's Leading Feminist Science Fiction Convention, Madison, WI. In addition to reading with the Science Fiction Poetry Association, I was on the following panels: "Hot Flashes and Power Surges," "Writing Working Class Characters," "Revealing Your World," and "How Much Is Too Much?" Panel descriptions may be found here.
March 15, 2008: Panelist, "Critique Retreat," Citrus County Library System, Homosassa Branch, Homosassa, FL.
February 2, 2008: Guest, The Jordan Rich Show, WBZ News Radio, Boston, talking about Deviations: Covenant .
November 16, 2007: Panelist, "Write-In," Citrus County Library System, Homosassa Branch, Homosassa, FL .
October 26, 2007: Panelist, "NaNoWriMo Kickoff," Citrus County Library System, Central Ridge Branch, Beverly Hills, FL .
October 6, 2007: Panelist, "Dark Poetry: The Vision Thing," Necronomicon (Tampa, FL) .
July 27, 2007: Guest, "Creative Conversations," WYKE-TV, Citrus County, FL .
October 2005: Leader, workshop "Where We Come From: Transforming Poetry with Detail," 31st annual convention of the Florida State Poets Association .
April 2005: Leader, workshop "Word-painting: The Art of Ekphrasis," Spring Fling meeting of the Florida State Poets Association .
October 2004: Leader, workshop "Connecting the Dots," 30th annual convention of the Florida State Poets Association .
April 2004: Reader, Florida State Poets Association Poetry Tea .
February 2004: Reader, Art Center of Citrus County "Heart of the Arts."
October 18, 2002: Guest, The Jordan Rich Show, WBZ News Radio, Boston, talking about science fiction .
July 1988: Judge, Adult Fiction and Poetry Contest, Acton-Boxboro Jamboree .
April 15, 1988: Leader, "Persona Workshop in Character Development," Central Middlesex Writer's Guild .
June 1987: Professional guest: Readercon (Boston, Massachusetts); leader, "Persona Workshop."
March 26-29, 1987: Professional guest: Alternacon (Seattle, Washington); leader, "Persona Workshop;" performance reader, science fiction poetry and prose, panelist: "Test Tube Women: What Future for Motherhood?," "Brainstorming: Developing Ideas," "Science, Technology, and Social Responsibility."
March 12, 1987: Featured Reader, Best Boston, Boston Food Co-op .
February 13-15, 1987: Professional guest, Boskone (Boston, Massachusetts) .
January 14, 1987: Featured reader, She's Leaving Home Cafe, Boston, Massachusetts .
November 10, 1986: Featured reader, Best Boston, Tangiers Cafe, Boston, Massachusetts .
June 21, 1986: Professional guest, LastCon Fore (Albany, New York) .
March 24, 1985: Featured reader, Second Silence, WMFO-FM, Medford, Massachusetts .
1984-1985: Featured reader: Stone Soup Poets, Boston; Third Annual Poetry/Music Marathon, Boston; New England Poetry Club, New Members Reading, Boston; A Reading by Divinity Poets, Harvard Divinity School, Cambridge .
October 1982: Coordinator, New York City Feminist Writer's Guild First Peer Poetry Workshop reading .
1982: Featured reader, Speakeasy Cafe, New York, New York .
March 1979: Featured reader and composer, Wagner College .
June 1977: Featured reader, Brooklyn Poets Union, Brooklyn, New York .
Participated in open readings in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Florida.

Visual Art (mixed media, photography, etc.)

Member, Art Center of Citrus County, editor of The Art Center News (formerly The Palette), 2006-2009; nominating committee, 2008; visual arts secretary 2004-2005; Festival of the Arts Committee 2003-2004. Exhibited in the the CCAL gallery in February, August, and December 2004; April through August 2006. Received Third Place ribbon for photograph "Sun Catchers" in the Citrus County Camera Club/Digital Camera Group's March 2006 competition and again in its June "Best of the Best" competition.
Member, Enigma of the Goddess.
Member, Dorchester Arts Collaborative.
October 2002: With other members of the Dorchester Artists Collaborative, coordinated and participated in the first Dorchester Open Studios.
August 2002: Enigma of the Goddess group show, Massachusetts College of Art
November 2001-January 2002: Exhibited 14 works at A Strong Cup of Coffee, Dorchester, MA
April-May 2001: Showed at Earth Day exhibit of art made from found and recycled objects, A Strong Cup of Coffee, Dorchester, MA
August 2000: Showed at the Goddess 2000 exhibit, Zeitgeist Gallery, Cambridge, MA
Gallery artist at Goddess Art (website is no longer up)

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For more info on some of these works, please go to the Internet Speculative Fiction DataBase (The ISFDB Team), which lists materials under Malcohn and Hamilton (my former, married name). One of my listed poems, "Dreaming the Reality," was an answer to and published with "The Reality of Dreams," written by my mother, Sylvia Alkoff (1925-1982). I am also listed in The Locus Index to Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror (Charles N. Brown and William G. Contento, Locus Press) and The Ultimate Science Fiction Poetry Guide (Jonathan Vos Post).

I'm in the process of compiling a list with full bibliographic information. It still has gaps at this point, but is visible here.


The Deviations Series -- click here to access free downloads:
Vol. 1: Covenant, Aisling Press, 2007, trade paperback. Reissued as a free download in March 2009.
Vol. 2: Appetite, May 2009. Free download.
Vol. 3: Destiny, December 2009. Free download.
Vol. 4: Bloodlines, June 2010. Free download.
Vol. 5: TelZodo, December 2010. Free download.
Vol. 6: Second Covenant (series conclusion), June 2011. Free download.

Short Fiction and Creative Nonfiction

"Visitations," forthcoming in Jack-o'-Spec: Tales of Halloween and Fantasy, Raven Electrick Ink.
"Judgment at Naioth," She Nailed a Stake Through His Head: Tales of Biblical Terror, Dybbuk Press, October 2010.
"Heisenberg's Metamorphosis," "Bittersweet," and "Fierce Harvest" in PicFic, Sept. 6, 2010 (micro-fiction).
"Icarus Redux," Niteblade #12, June 2010.
"Empty Nest" in PicFic, May 18, 2010 (micro-fiction).
Micro-fiction appears in Thaumatrope, here.
"Flotsam," Asimov's Science Fiction, Oct./Nov. 2009.
Essay in "Short Takes," New Plains Review's "Service" issue, Spring 2009.
"Memento Mori," Unspeakable Horror: From the Shadows of the Closet, Dark Scribe Press, December 2008
"FTLM (Faster-Than-Light Messenger) Transcript," The Drabbler #12: Extra-Terrestrials on FaceSpace!, Sam's Dot Publishing, October 2008
"Prometheus Rebound," Helix: A Speculative Fiction Quarterly #10, October 2008
"Houston, We Are the Problem," The Drabbler #11: SETI Calling, Sam's Dot Publishing, June 2008
"Hermit Crabs," Electric Velocipede #14, Spring 2008
"Identity Theft," The Drabbler #10: Haunted Spaceports, Sam's Dot Publishing, February 2008
"January 1985: A Day in Lawrence, Massachusetts," Reed, Issue 60, 2007
"Moments of Clarity," Full Spectrum, Bantam Books, 1988
"Arachne," Aboriginal Science Fiction, November-December 1988 (received cover illustration). Reprinted in Riffing on Strings: Creative Writing Inspired by String Theory from Scriblerus Press, June 2008
"Cog," Tales of the Unanticipated, Fall/Winter 1988. Forthcoming in TOTU's "best of" anthology of works published during its first ten years.
"Another Place," Amazing Stories, May 1988
"Why They're Called Wisdom Teeth," Z Miscellaneous, November 1987
"The S.O.B. Show," Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, mid-December 1986
"Choreographer," The River Reader, 1985
"Variations for Four Hands," Yellow Silk #14, Spring 1985
"Lazuli," Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, November 1984
"The Evolution of Cmdr. DeVeia," Yellow Silk #5, Fall 1982
"The Trial of Dodi," Black Maria 4(2), 1981
"Black Magic," Karmic Runes, December 1977


Poetry has appeared/is forthcoming in the following publications:
Aboriginal Science Fiction; Alpha Gallery (Small Press Writers & Artists Organization); Amazing Stories; Anthology 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 (Florida State Poets Association); Aoife's Kiss; Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine; Astropoetica; Aurora; Beacon Review; Black Maria; Burning With a Vision: Poetry of Science and the Fantastic (R. Frazier, Ed., Owlswick Press); The Celibate Woman; Dreams & Nightmares; Earth's Daughters; Encore: Prize Poems of the NFSPS 2004 (National Federation of State Poetry Societies); Goblin Fruit; Hallucinations; Harp-Strings Poetry Journal; Harvard Business Review (reprinted in Professor John K. Shank's "Jones Ironworks, Inc."); Hoboken Terminal; I Name Myself Daughter, And It Is Good (M. Honton, Ed., Sophia Books); Ice River; The Magazine of Speculative Poetry; microcosms; Mythic Delirium (forthcoming); Nimbus; The Official Newsletter of the Horror Writers Association (with accompanying article); Open Laboratory 2010; The Planetarian (International Planetarium Society); Poetic Variables: Science Poems for January 2011 (self-published chapbook. Poems originally appeared on my blog here); Poetry Night at the Null Hypothesis (Science Fiction Poetry Association); Poets for Living Waters; Poets' Forum Magazine; Portland Review; Rhysling Anthologies 1982, 1983, 1984, 1986 (Science Fiction Poetry Association); The River Reader; The Round Table; Sage Woman; Samisdat; San Fernando Poetry Journal; Scavenger's Newsletter; A Sea of Alone: Poems for Alfred Hitchcock (Dark Scribe Press, forthcoming); The 2nd Annual SFPA Poetry Contest 2007: Sonnets (W.G. Stewart, M.L. Tentchoff, & S. Virtes, Eds., Spec House of Poetry with the Science Fiction Poetry Association); Space and Time; Stage V: A Journal Through Illness (S. Wainwright, Acacia Books); Star*Line; STEM Newsletter (The Wolfson Centre for Stem Cells, Tissue Engineering and Modelling, University of Nottingham, UK); Strange Horizons; 30 Science Sonnets for April 2010, self-published chapbook. Poems originally appeared on my blog (index here); unFold; Uranus; Vampyr Verse (Popcorn Press); Velocities; We'Moon '04, '05, and '09 (Mother Tongue Ink); We're Working On It! (Seven Poets Anthology Collective); Win Magazine; Z Miscellaneous.


Articles, essays, reviews, and literary criticism have appeared in the following:
Architecture Boston; BiWomen; The Celibate Woman; Citrus County Chronicle; Diarist's Journal; Empire: For the Science Fiction Writer; For Crying Out Loud; Hallucinations; The Link (Wagner Magazine); Of Poets And Poetry; The Planetarian (International Planetarium Society); Poets' Forum Magazine; Psych Central; Rising Star; Science Activities; Star*Line; Sojourner; The Speaker (newsletter of Speak Out, formerly the Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Speakers Bureau of Boston); Wheel People; WyoPoets newsletter.

Please see my bibliographic compilation page (under "Photographs and Illustration") for photo publications.

An interview with me also appears in Vacuum Genesis. (A .pdf file is here.)

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My office and freelance experience spans more than three decades. I've run my own sole proprietorship, Malcohn Enterprises, since 1988. In that capacity I've written, edited, word processed (MS Word, WordPerfect), desktop published (PageMaker, Quark Xpress), and transcribed a wide variety of materials for educational, corporate, and private clients. My computer experience includes Windows, Macintosh, and DOS platforms.

(For writing and editing positions -- mostly unpaid -- please go to Writing/Editing/Publishing/Visual Art)

1990-2003 (began working in a consultant capacity in 2003 as a writer and editor): staff support for Environmental Research Area and (since 2002) writer/editor for Corporate Communications, Abt Associates Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts:
Managed editorial, production, and administrative details serving a department of approximately 40 people (Cambridge branch), plus assisted Bethesda branch on projects.
Reported and wrote copy for in-house newsletter, Currents. I also and wrote and edited portions of the company's Web site.
Performed technical writing and editing of documents submitted to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, often employing "Plain English" guidelines. I also standardized editing style and format in technical documents with multiple authors. Was listed as coauthor on Determinants of Effectiveness for Environmental Certification Labeling Programs, April 1994, for U.S. EPA Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics (OPPT), EPA 742-R-94-001, with A. Stoeckle, B. Paulos, and H. Wang.
Employed word processing and graphics software in report and proposal production (WordPerfect, MS Word, Excel, Lotus 123, PowerPoint, MS Publisher, MS Access).
Served as major support to the area vice president while he established a private sector and international environmental consulting practice.

1983 to 1988: staff support to both the News Bureau and Publications Services Office of the Harvard Business School, Boston, Massachusetts:
For the News Bureau, I wrote copy for the in-house organ Update, news releases, and short biographies and profiles of faculty and staff. As liaison between teaching and research faculty and members of the media, I handled inquiries and maintained and categorized media and publications lists.
For the Publications Services Office, I desktop published (PageMaker) documents for the School's various offices and served as liaison with the distribution house, commercial printing houses, and suppliers.

1977 to 1983: volunteer, Wagner College Planetarium, Staten Island, New York:
Assisted planetarium director in all phases of planetarium operations:
Gave planetarium shows for general and school audiences.
Co-hosted annual meetings of Metropolitan Organization for Planetarium Educators.
Illustrated newsletter, Planetarium Monthly.
Wrote script for show on applications of space technology.
Certified to handle lunar samples (certified by Lunar Sample Education Project, Greenbelt, Maryland, 1978).
Attended Pioneer 11 fly-by of Saturn, August 1979.
Was press representative at launch of STS-1 (first launch of space shuttle Columbia), April 1981.
Participated in various astronomical activities, including solar eclipse tour in (then) Soviet Union, July 1981.

1981 to 1982: Administrative Assistant to the Director at the Women's Peace Education Project, New York, New York:
Assisted in all phases of newsletter editing and layout.
Was responsible for supplies acquisition for the organization.
Supervised up to six volunteers.
Helped to coordinate annual fundraising dinner.
Secured permits for street events and assisted in all phases of their implementation.
Served as liaison with other peace organizations.

1979 to 1981: Teaching and Research Assistant, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey:
Prepared and taught lessons for human factors engineering course.
Evaluated use of simulations to teach human factors concepts.
Wrote grant proposals.
Wrote SOS Primer for Undergraduates, a guide to the SOS computer user-language; conducted seminar on SOS use.
Compiled simulation database in anthropometry and biomechanics; coauthored Exper-Sim Primer on Anthropometry and Biomechanics (with R. Halstead-Nussloch).

1976 to 1978: Departmental Secretary, Wagner College, Staten Island, New York
Performed secretarial and clerical work, proctored and graded examinations, tutored undergraduate psychology, and performed laboratory assistance.

1976-1979: temporary employee, agented by TemPositions, Inc. , New York, New York:
Performed clerical and administrative assistance in various capacities, including advertising, banking, fundraising, humanities, investments, real estate, and television.

Summer 1975: Civil Service Clerk Typist, United States Army, Military Ocean Terminal, Brooklyn, New York:
Assisted preparations for transfer of operations to Bayonne, New Jersey; included supplies inventory and personnel records maintenance.

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MS in Applied Psychology, 1982, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey
Masters thesis: Evaluation of a Computer Based Human Factors Laboratory Course for Undergraduates

To read about my employment at Stevens Tech, please go directly to my Teaching and Research Assistantship.

BA in Psychology, 1979, magna cum laude, Wagner College, Staten Island, New York
Dean's List, Psychology Club Award recipient for highest grade point average in psychology for the Class of '79, Honors in English, Wagner College Honorarium, Regents Scholarship, President of Psi Chi (national honor society in psychology), Member of Omicron Delta Kappa (national leadership society), Listed in Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities

To read about my writing and editing activities performed while at Wagner, please go to Writing/Editing/Publishing/Visual Art.

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Community Service and Activities

Member, Art Center of Citrus County, 2003-2009. Editor of The Art Center News (formerly The Palette), 2006-2009. Nominating committee, 2008. Visual arts secretary for 2004-2005 term. Planning committee for the 32nd and 33rd (publicity coordinator) annual Festival of the Arts. Founded "Writers' Circle" free-writing group, which I facilitated from 2004-2008.
Member, 2003-present, Gingerbread Poets, a chapter of the Florida State Poetry Association/National Federation of State Poetry Societies. Recording secretary of FSPA, 2004-2005.
#####Produced annual poetry anthologies in 2003 and 2004; edited and produced 2005, 2006, and 2007 anthologies
#####Contest Chair of FSPA, 2010-present.
Member, Inverness Writers
Discussion Facilitator (until 2006 end), PFLAG (Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays), Crystal River/Nature Coast chapter
Member, Equality Florida
Member, Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Community Center (Orlando), 2003-2004

Former Steering Committee Member, Strong Cup Co-op
Former Member, Dorchester Arts Collaborative; helped to organize the first Dorchester Open Studios, October 2002
Former Member, Frontrunners
Former Affiliate Member, Fort Point Arts Community (FPAC)
Former Member, Dorchester Gay and Lesbian Association
Former Member, Greater Boston Business Council
Former Member, SpeakOut, Answer Channel Committee: helped produce a weekly live, call-in cable television show called SpeakOut TV, which addresses issues of sexual orientation and gender identity
Volunteer, Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders, 1999, 2001, 2002
Runner, Melrose Run for Women, AIDS 5K, J.P. Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge, POW-MIA 10K, Jim Kane Sugar Bowl 5-Miler (all in 2002)
Volunteer, A Celebration of Life, the Boston Living Center's annual Thanksgiving dinner given for people living with HIV: 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999
American Red Cross Blood donor
Certified in Adult, Child, and Infant CPR (American Red Cross), September 1996
Rider in the first Boston-New York AIDS Ride, September 1995

#####Served on Newsletter Committee. (For first three issues I was the Newsletter Committee.)
Rider in Fall Suburban Classic (to benefit the Arthritis Foundation), October 1994
Participated in Boston City Year Serve-A-Thon, AIDS Pledge Walk, and AIDS Dance-A-Thon, various years
Volunteer, University Lutheran Church Shelter for the Homeless, Cambridge, MA, 1987-1988

New York
Steering Committee, Tenants' Association of Grymes Hill Manor Estates, Staten Island, New York, 1981-1983. TAGHME was formed in response to a co-op attempt in which the tenants judged the development plan to be unsatisfactory:
#####Served as liaison with local detective in response to a rash of break-ins with no sign of forced entry. Organized tenants in other buildings owned by the same developer. Researched New York City's Warrant of Habitability and gathered data on building violations. With rest of Steering Committee, met with New York Assistant Attorney General on a regular basis.
Women's Pentagon Action, 1980-1981.

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Additional Interests

Music (composing and performing; see my Original Music page for more detail); outdoor activities (which have included walking, hiking, running, cycling, and sailing); freedance; French language (written and spoken, rudimentary); organic gardening; reading (eclectic); visual arts (photography, drawing, painting, mixed-media artwork).

Travels include Ecuador (including Galapagos Islands), Russia (including Siberia), Armenia, Australia, Alaska, numerous mainland U.S. states and Canadian provinces, England, and Italy.

In June 1998 Mary and I hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and back up again! (Click on Travel for photos and descriptive text.)

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