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You can find the complete collection and the latest of my online photos and digital collages at my Flickr page.

I've been discovering the joys of playing around with a low-end digital camera. My Argus DC1500 has its limitations: reliance on external light sources, some blurriness, limited memory, and almost no photo editing software to speak of.

That said, I love it.

Luckily, my computer came with two neat programs already bundled in: Microsoft Photo Editor and Microsoft Paint 5.0. I use Photo Editor to manipulate brightness, contrast, and gamma (which changes the contrast in the dark areas of the image); to rotate images; and to employ special effects (sharpen, smudge, emboss, set individual transparent colors, etc.). From there I copy pieces and insert them into Paint, where I do free-form trimming, masking, and assembling. On occasion I also bring into play Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 (mainly to reduce file size, but also to add text) and Adobe Acrobat 6.0 (for example, in "Self-Portrait", where I snipped pieces of a scanned-in journal).

In late September 2005 I picked up a Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z6. "Bouquet" is the first collage to make use of shots taken with that camera, which also yielded the images on the photography page

With the exception of "Finding Home" (where someone else photographed the back of my head) and collages made from family photos (e.g., "Locket"), all the collage images on this page are ones that I've shot, using both digital and film. Click on the thumbnails for larger images and explanatory text. In response to questions about my process, I've also put together a demo/tutorial.

Some of my photographs and photo collages have been exhibited at the Art Center of Citrus County's main gallery and Art Center Theatre gallery April through August, 2006.

The Pursuit of Water (demo/tutorial)

Moonrise on Phosphorescent Island

Kitty Heaven
Cloud Mandala

Tea Tin Quilt

Finding Home

Coffee in the Woods


Tales From the Aquifer

Educational Values


The Way to the Summit

Unselfconscious Wings



One Summer

My Love Has Wings

Requiem For a Sparrow



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