- There is no penalty for those who lie about Men  -

This page was last updated on Sunday, August 16, 2015

The term, 'due process', appears twice in our Constitution, in the Fifth Amendment and again in the Fourteenth Amendment. It is a legal proceeding carried out according to established rules and principles. It also creates a judicial requirement that enacted laws do not result in an illegal or unreasonable treatment based on a person's race, creed, gender, or national origin. Domestic violence remains a major public policy concern because after all these years of malicious intervention, nothing has changed, in fact, it is worse than ever before. The problem with the law is that women and the police are not required to tell the truth. However, current domestic violence policy has undermined this principle so that nothing has changed for the better. The war against men is an industry that needs more ‘victims’ to support it. So they claim that ‘blaming the victim’ is a male trait but lying about abuse is not. Some years ago, the California courts could issue a restraining order that would allow the local authorities to arrest a man for violating the order that he did not know existed. This means that she does not have to appear to testify because the State says so.

Officials rarely prosecute women who lied about abuse or rape. Moreover, the authorities are likely to arrest men who report these incidents while allowing an abusive woman to go free. As a result, billions of dollars have been spent on ignoring false allegations because the focus has always been on denigrating innocent men and not those who lied. So it came to pass that these women gained control of the domestic violence industry while making a profit while making a profit at the expense of men. Most women who falsely claim abuse, often use the 'abuse excuse' to cover their illegal acts. In doing so, they usually get their husband's home and property. So the problem with mandatory arrest and the subsequent refusal to produce the evidence is that this denial violates Due Process. So prosecutors and lawyers should have problems with those who invoke their Fifth Amendment right and then refuse to appear. This is especially true when that person is the very same person who had brought the charges and now fails to appear.

In doing so, the government has created a system that rewards women who lie and denigrates those who tell the truth. Moreover, many prosecutors know that they can get a conviction if 'their victim' does not testify. This is exactly the reason that the framers of the Constitution created the Bill of Rights. It declares that these rights that are immune from government interference. The Fourteenth Amendment expanded these rights to protect people from those state laws that would deprive them of equal protection under the Constitution. In doing that, their war against men has become a vast industry that feeds on funding and the need for new victims to support it. So these naysayers reoriented their doctrine so that ‘blaming the victim’ is now the corner stone of their new male patriarchy. Yet where are the results from the forensic lab to prove their contention? They do not exist because the entire trial is based on what she says. Prosecutors call this a 'slam dunk' and it is another form of lying.

Edward Steven Nunes