Domestic Violence

- False Claims of Domestic Violence are a Profitable Enterprise -

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Domestic Violence

Lexicographers published the original definition of domestic violence in 1976. The definition was simple, domestic violence is the infliction of physical injury by one household member on another. It includes a repeated or habitual pattern of that kind of behavior. So the problem with this definition was that it was pliable and had nothing to do with the original use and definition of the term. The problem was that was that assault and battery was illegal but defining who was or is a household member is harder to do. This is especially true when the claimant could say anything she wanted without proof that what she said was true. Not only will the courts award her all his property, he gets judgement that the courts will never redeem.

Domestic violence is the inflicting of physical injury by one family or household member on another. It is also a repeated or habitual pattern of that behavior. The problem with this definition was that it has nothing to do with its original use. Today the definition of domestic violence also includes persons who had resided together in the past, it also includes any person who claims to be a family or household member. Now it includes any person who establishes their residency without right or title or payment of rent. The legal term is adverse possession where the illegal possessor may eventually gain title to a property without paying for it.

That is how the definition of domestic violence has evolved into encompassing all other kinds of abusive conduct except one, the dubious right of women to gain an illegal advantage in court. It is now a form of extortion and so domestic violence includes the abuse of any person who does not belong there. That is why domestic violence is a crime that does not require proof that it occurred but it should. Moreover, neither the police nor the claimant has to affirm that they have told the truth. So current law presumes that a man is guilty of domestic violence without any proof or evidence and the result is that he loses his home and his possessions while his accuser goes free.  This is the catch, the accuser must pay state and income tax on the items that they stole including depreciation.  The reason for this is that inflation decreases the value of money while deflation increases the value of money.

California Health and Safety Code, Section 124250.

"Domestic violence" means the infliction or threat of physical harm against past or present adult or adolescent intimate partners. It will include physical, sexual, and psychological abuse against the partner, and is a part of a pattern of assaultive, coercive, and controlling behaviors directed at achieving compliance or control over, that partner. The result is that a man loses his home and possessions while the accuser goes free. Meanwhile, the wheels of justice slowly creak to the conclusion that she had lied. A court may require that a person to depreciate that property using the inflated value of money rather than its actual value. That is why false claims of domestic violence are a profitable enterprise.

Edward Steven Nunes