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Individual Record for: Sarah FRANK (female)

   William FRANK, b. 1774, Grey ME       d. 1836, prob. Falmouth ME
Sarah FRANK         
   Nancy LARA-LARY, b. 1785,       d. 14 Jan 1878, Falmouth ME

Spouse Children
  (Family Record)

Event Date Details
Birth 12 MAR 1803 Place: Falmouth (Cumberland) ME
Death 13 JUN 1889  
Burial   Place: Woodlawn Cem., Freeport ME
(Rev. 4 Nov 2006) Sarah-Sally Frank is shown as the dau of Wm & Nancy Frank, mother of Martha A. Mayberry, and the wife of Amos Mayberry in Samuel Dole's "Family Records" section of Windham, Maine Vital Records (1897), court. Windham Historical Society. Her parentage appears, with her name, dates, POB, and burial, in family records of FBE & EHE. In 1850, Sarah was in Falmouth USC in 1850. with family of 3B & 3G, including Martha A. Sarah is identfied in the 1880 USC for Freeport as "Sarah Mayberry" living with her daughter Sophia B. Frank ae 53, Sarah's DOB per the two USC in which she appears s is 1803 & 1805, which is consistent with the 1803 DOB given in Windham & family records.
(Rev. 04 Nov 2006.) NOTES. WILLIAM FRANK was identified as the father of Sarah (Frank) Mayberry and the husband of Nancy Lara or Lary or Larry in Samuel Dole's "Family Records" section of Windham, Maine Vital Records (1897), courtesy Windham Historical Society. AND in the 1950s ms. family record prepared by my father, Frank Brown Ells, who would have been William Frank's GG grandson. Frank was b. Grey, Cumberland Co., 11 Feb 1774, and died 11 Feb 1836, prob. Falmouth, Cumberland Co., Me. He married Nancy LARA on 6 Dec 1802.
William Frank appears in 1810 and 1820 USC for Falmouth, Cumberland Co., Maine. Though USC for 1830 and 1840 are not at present available to me, his presumed widow Nancy (as identified in family records of Frank Ells) appears in the 1850 USC in Falmouth. In addition to the family records, his parentage of Sarah can also be inferred from the US census records of his wife Nancy, discussed under her name..
And it is possibly this man who appears as a veteran of the war of 1812 as "William Frank, Sergeant" in Capt. Alpheus Field's Company, Lieut. Col. J. Hobbs' Regiment from Sept. 8 to Sept. 20, 1814. Raised at Falmouth, Me.. Service at Portland, Me.
(Rev. 4 Nov 2006) NOTES: NANCY LARA is shown as the daughter of James and Molly Lara, wife of William Frank and mother of Sarah in Samuel Dole's "Family Records" section of Windham, Maine Vital Records (1897), courtesy Windham Historical Society, and in the family records of Frank B. Ells. She was b. 29 Nov 1785 and d. 14 Jan 1878 in Falmouth, Me. She married 6 Dec 1802. Following the death of her husband, her name first appears in the census in Falmouth, Me., as a husbandless Nancy FRANK, in 1850 (ae 63), living with her probable son Rufus Frank and next door to the house of her likely daughter Sarah and son-in-law Amos Mayberry. She appears in subsequent censuses: in 1860 (ae 75, with probable son's family ), and in 1870 (ae 84, in same house?). . Nancy resided in Falmouth, Cumberland, Me.-

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