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Individual Record for: Annie Belle GEE (female)

  George E. GEE       
Annie Belle GEE      Family Record  
Isaac Skillins ELLS+
  Abbie A[nn?] ELLS      Family Record
    Rhoda Ann FIELD

Event Date Details
Birth ABT 18 FEB 1879  
Death 20 MAY 1940 Place: Pownal (Cumberland) ME
NOTES AND SOURCES: Annie Belle Gee, b. calc 18 Feb 1879 [& EellsFH 250]; d. 20 May 1940 in Pownal, Me. [Durham ME VR Deaths 1892-1956 p66 (at town clerk's); & recited in deeds to Eells Homestead]. Unmarried.
In 1964 Edris Ells wrote, <"Sometimes [Ephraim Ells's] Portland family would drive further on, past "the Bootery" into the hills to the lovely little white, typically-Maine house where Ephraim Franklin Ells' sister Abbie Gee's family lived. .. [in Pownal, several miles] beyond the Eells homestead. (In later years, after they had the Overland [automobile], they usually had to back up the worst pitches.) As one left the Eells place, in the 1929s [perhaps Edris' first visit?], the road grew narrower and steeper, and the road-bed sandy. Past the trout stream, and up and up, until finally one could see ahead, nearly at the crown of the hill, the Gee homestead. On the left was the white, low Colonial house, with the big and beautifully proportioned barn opposite where the land sloped down to a meadow. It must have been a favorite spot to visit, as "Aunt Abbie" is remembered as the best of the three excellent cooks, the others being "Aunt Hat" Skillins, and "Aunt Eunice" Orr of the Orr Island House. Abbie A. (Eells) Gee died in 1905. The Gees are buried in a Pownal, Me., cemetery.

Neither Belle nor Bert ever married but lived on the Gee homestead.... Actually they were afraid of robbers and finally kept a dog we all were afraid of. Belle was tiny, alert, fair-haired and had "been to school in Portland." Bert was a small man, quick-motioned and agreeable. They were such a gay pair and so different from other people- child-like is one word & good. It was in their really old-time hill-home, with its closed "parlor" and Sandwich glass, that Frank Brown Ells unearthed the old Eells clock. It was lying on its sides under the eaves of the dark kitchen-chamber (or woodshed chamber), back of a wealth of discarded old furniture. Coats of paint covered the present mellow natural wood. "Belle and Bert," who talked rapidly and often in unison, exclaimed: "Well, there's the old clock! Mother always wondered what became of it!"
There are many stories and memories of "Belle and Bert", for they were devoted to each other and seemed to live happily in a world long since gone. The family always spoke of them as of one person, "Belle & Bert." The set of Sandwich sauce-dishes in the spiral pattern (now in Frank Brown Ells' possession) came from their home on the hill. Annie Belle died a few years before Bert, and he always seemed "lost" afterward."> [Edris H. Ells, "The Eells Road" draft ms. 1964.]

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