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The 1790 Eells Homestead in Freeport:

This house, now owned and cared for by the LaPierre's, is at 1112 Durham Road. Twenty-three Eells-Ells descendants were born in, lived in, owned, or died in this homestead between 1790 and 1947, when it passed out of the family. Click for larger image.

The cajoling 1788 letter:

A sophisticated older cousin wrote from Freeport to Hanover, Mass. to cajole an Eells teenager to come to the Maine frontier. Click here for the tale and a larger image.

"Descendants of William Witherell Eells (1730–1812) and Sarah (Pilsbury) Eells of Hanover, Mass.

And the migration of their seven children to Freeport and North Yarmouth, Maine 1783–1826"

By Stephen F. Ells and Edris Hoisington Ells (Lincoln MA, 2004 et seq.)

  • This page provides newly-researched genealogy of five generations of this branch of the Eells-Ells family from William Witherell Eells of Hanover (1730-1812). He was a fifth generation descendant from John Eells, who emigrated to Dorchester, Massachusetts in 1633. This tracks his children's migration from Hanover, Mass., to North Yarmouth and Freeport, Maine and beyond. This information expands the useful Eells Family History in America 1633-1952, by Rev. Myron Eells et al. (c. 1969). Additional lines of descent have been found, and dates have been clarified. See, bibliography.
  • The data links the Eells-Ells family to the following family groups in Maine: Bailey, Bartol, Beal, Bosworth, Brackett, Brown, Cleeve, Cobb, Cox, Edes, Fairbrother, Field, Frank, Hayes, Knight, Loring, Lunt, Mayberry, Millit, Noyes, Price, Skillin, Soule, White, and others.
  • Copies of this 45-page document (first edition) are available for reference at the Freeport (Maine) Community Library, the Freeport Historical Society, and ultimately other libraries. As of December 2008, it is being revised. The full document contains a Register Report of the above genealogical information. And it contains family recollections gathered by Edris Hoisington Ells; a photo of the 1790 homestead of William Witherell Eells [II], which still exists in Freeport; and a photo of a 1788 letter written from Freeport to Hanover to cajole an Eells teenager to come to the frontier.The full text of the document "Descendants..." in Microsoft Word format is also downloadable here [temporarily delinked pending new edition].
  • (1.) Genealogy-on-the-web. Posted here is a web site containing not only updated Eells-Ells genealogy data (but not some historical material and personal recollections) but also my other research on Vermont's Farnsworth, Myrick, & Hoisington families. (Current through 10 Sep 2007.) This material can also be found in a more complete form on my sites on WorldConnect and GenCircles. Also, a zipped GEDCOM file of this data, updated only to July 2005, is available here for download [temporarily delinked].

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