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Some photos of
the Hoisington gathering, at Windsor, Vermont, September 2003.
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Caption: Aerial of Windsor VT, Connecticut River, & Mt. Ascutney (photo on wall of stairway of Old S Church)

Caption: Old South Church. Original 1768 church covenant (orig. on wall to right) with Ebenezer & Joab Hoisington's signatures, Windsor VT

Caption: Original and text of 1768 Old South Church covenant with Ebenezer's and Joab's signatures, Windsor VT

Caption: Old South Church, Windsor VT. The building was designed by Asher Benjamin and was erected in 1798. It is the oldest church on its original site in continuous use as a house of worship in Vermont.

Hoisington 2003 gathering at Old South Chirch, Sept. 20, 2003.. First Row, left to right: Linda H. Farnsworth, Laura Godda Robinson, Bonnie Stevens Dannenberg, Harriette Jensen, Verna Hoisington Gay,
Thelma Webster Hoisington Smiley, Dorothy Dana McEnaney, Clara Hoisington.
Second Row: Elizabeth Joyal Brown, W. Craig Farnsworth, John Meyette,
Peter Dannenberg, Rebecca Hoisington Meyette, Louis Hoisington, Janet
Hoisington, Sally Hoisington Fisher, Katherine Joyal Vaillancourt.
Third Row: Stephen F. Ells, Jonathan Ells, Ross Trafton Farnsworth.
Not Shown: Walter H. Farnsworth.

Gathering at Old South Church. Left to right: Bonnie S. Dannenberg, Verna Hoisington Gay, Linda Hoisington Farnsworth, Dorothy Dana McEnaney, Laura Godda Robinson, Janet Hoisington.

Caption: Gathering pot-luck lunch, with desserts in background.

Caption: Gathering potluck. My son Jon in orange.

Caption: In the burying ground outside the Old South Church. L to R: Elias Hoisington (large stone) and parents Elizabeth and Ebenezer Hoisington, Old So. Church, Windsor VT. (Perhaps Elisha to far left.)

Caption: Ebenezer Hoisington (b. ca. 1729, d. 1804), Old South Chirch, Windsor VT. He earned the flag for his service in the French & Indian War, his membership on Vermont's Committee of Safety and Board of War (Revolution). His leadership was crucial in the struggle for statehood.

Caption: Elizabeth Miller Hoisington (d. 1792), wife of Ebenezer, Old South Chirch, Windsor VT. In 1765, about the time she, her husband, and 5 young children came to Windsor, there were only about 100 families settled between the Green Mountains and the Connecticut River in land later known as Vermont.

Caption: Home of Capt. Elias Hoisington (1757-1810, son of Ebenezer) and his wife Mary (Stowell) in Windsor VT. Built ca. 1785. Mary's gravestone is at bottom left corner

Capt. Elias (b.1757) and Mary Hoisington's house, Windsor VT. Still a farm, now raising alpaca.

Mary (b. 1762), wife of Capt. Elias Hoisington, Hois. Cem., Windsor VT

NOW TO LITTLE HOLLOW: Katherine and Dot led us to Little Hollow in Rochester VT (note the N-S groove in the middle of the above map) . This must have been a wild place when Sayles (son of Capt. Elias) and Abigail settled here. He, one son, and a grandson were known as bear hunters.

Caption: Sayles (1793-1874) and Abigail (d. 1869) settled and raised a BIG family. This is the schoolhouse in Little Hollow. All old houses are down, I think, and the country has returned to woods. The last student left in 1911.

Caption: Steve and Jon Ells with Sayles and Abigail Hoisington.

Caption: Linda Hoisington Farnsworth (also a Sayles-Abigail descendant) and Dorothy Dana McEnaney, (related to Abigail). Sayles and Abigail had twelve children, and Abigail's stone says "She rests from her labors."

Caption: Sayles in the sunlight.

Caption: Harriette Jensen dowsing for Sayles and Abigail. They're there.

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