For general information on life in the huts see Steve & Judy Pardoe's Alpine Refuge Page and Staying at a refuge on the Tour du Mont Blanc. Similar information (more briefly) is available at the British Mountaineering Council's alpine huts page. Cosley & Houston, Alpine Guides have a section on Hut Living.

Basic information on almost all huts (even those not affiliated with the club) can be found on the Swiss Alpine Club's hut finder pages, in either French or German. A Google search on any given hut will, of course, provide a large number of other links. In addition some huts have their own web sites:

An excellent resource (in French) for selected huts is the refuges section of the site, which has in addition some fine reports, of both hiking and skiing trips.

I do not read German, but the site has understandable tables for each hut. I find the site hard to navigate, but will click on any pages from it that search engines may find.