In 2007, as in 2005, I went to Switzerland for a hiking vacation, which was to include hiking sections of the Haute Route. There was, however, a big difference; in 2005 the Haute Route stages had been a minor component of the trip; in 2007 they were planned to be a much bigger part of it.

As discussed in the page on choosing a route I decided not to take Kev Reynold's route, which goes down to Sembrancher and Le Châble. Instead I followed a more southerly route, closer to the high peaks, in the spirit of the various Swiss guides to the Chamonix to Zermatt traverse.

The original plan was to spend the first week "on the road", hiking from Champex to the Cabane de Prafleuri. This was to be followed by a week in a rented apartment in Evolène. For the third week I had planned on doing most, if not all, of the Haute Route between Zinal and Zermatt. The final week was to be spent in a second rented apartment in St. Luc. As usual my plans were overambitious, and the trip was scaled down a bit.

For each hike I include an embedded Google Map which starts up in the terrain view. You can manipulate it as you would in Google Maps; zooming in or out or dragging the map.

I also give a link to a Google Earth (.kmz) file that you may download if you have Google Earth installed on your computer. Try using the "Play Tour" button that is at the bottom of the "Places" panel; some of the tours are clearly better presented than others.

The program behaves in an intuitive way, but unless you are already familiar with it I suggest that you look at their User Guide.

I ended up doing the following stages during the first week:

After a week hiking (and resting) in Evolène I resumed doing Haute Route stages as follows: