Ellen Oler LCSW

"As a patient of Ellen Oler's for the past five years, it is remarkable to me how rich and meaningful our sessions continue to be. Beginning therapy at a time of major life crisis, working with Ellen stabilized my life and enabled me to establish healthy and mindful practices. I find her reflexive and eclectic approach to therapy refreshing. I am very fortunate to have met Ellen and I have learned immensely from her dedicated approach to therapy."

- parent, professor


"My husband and I started to see Ellen because we were completely unable to resolve a conflict about moving to a new house and neighborhood. We were at an impasse. As we worked with Ellen, we began to learn new skills with which to move our communications into a much more productive place. We were so pleased at how flexible Ellen was with us. She was able to design our treatment according to the time and financial constraints we had, and to see and clarify the positions both of us had in our conflict. With Ellen's help, we learned the symbolic meanings of both of our positions. We each took more reponsibility for our own issues, and learned new vocabulary for discussing what we needed to work on. Over time we went through the process we needed to about moving, and ultimately resolved the issue. We are both excited and happy about it. We are communicating much better and more consistently, and enjoying our marriage a lot more. We owe a lot to Ellen. She's excellent at what she does."

- social worker


The Relaxation Game:

"I strongly recommend The Relaxation Game. It is a way for kids to learn to relax themselves."

- Edna Pytlak, M.D., pediatrician