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  • Related organizations
    Alternative Press Center
    The web site of the Alternative Press Index. Includes information about pricing, coverage, a selection of the "best of 1996" from the Alternative Press Index, and an on-line directory of alternative periodicals

    The American Journalism Historians

    Association of  journalism history professors, archivists, attorneys and media practioners  who study print and broadcast media,
    advertising and public relations.

    ALA American Literature Association
    The ALA is an organization of scholarly literary organization, many of them specializing in the study of a single author. RSAP regularly sponsors panels on American periodicals at the ALA's annual spring convention.

    ASA: American Studies Association
    Extensive website of resources and links. The syllabus library contains several syllabi for courses examining American periodicals.

    The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications
    Association of journalism faculty, students, and professionals.

    Jhistory is an H-NET discussion list devoted to journalism history. It runs notes and queries about journalism history topics, research ideas, queries about people who are working on similar projects or fields, news of employment opportunities within journalism and/or history, and information  on conferences about journalism history and related fields.

    Media History Monographs
    MHM is a quarterly online journal devoted to publishing scholarly journalism and mass communication history works.

    Research Society for Victorian Periodicals  
    RSVP fosters interdisciplinary scholarship on the Victorian British periodical press: journals, proprietors, editors, illustrators, publishers and authors and the role of the press in shaping Victorians' beliefs and debates about their society, culture, and politics.

    The Serials Librarian
    Journal of serials management for librarians. Coverage includes serials selection and acquisition, bibliographic control, cataloguing, staffing and department management, serials control systems, subscription agencies, publishers, and computerization problems. Abstracts are available online from 1992 onwards.

    SHARP: The Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing
    The homepage of this organization is an important resource in publishing history, containing an extensive listing of publishers' archives, online exhibits, teaching resources, and links to the SHARP-L discussion list and its archives.

    SSAWW: Society for the Study of American Women Writers
    SSAWW promotes the study of American women writers through the research, teaching, publication, and the strengthening of relations among persons and institutions in this country and internationally who are devoted to such studies, and the broadening of knowledge among the general public about American women writers. The website contains calls for papers, e-texts, links to the SSAWW discussion list and its archives.

    Victorian Periodicals Review
    Ordering and submission information for this journal of scholarship concerning British periodicals.

    Zine Resource Center
    Periodical Publishing Associations
    American Amateur Press Association

    The American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME)

    American Society of Newspaper Editors

    The Canadian Magazine Publishers Association
    Resources for magazine readers include listings of magazines with contact information; resources for publishers include the association newsletter, employment listings, and a discussion list for magazines with circulations under 5000.

    Council on Literary Magazines and Small Presses
    General information on this organization:
    organizational website:

    Editor and Publisher
    Online edition of trade publication for newspaper  editors and publishers.

    FEM-MAG-PUBLISHERS Discussion list for women publishers, editors, and other women in publication administration/design/circulation management. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE FEM-MAG-PUBLISHERS Your Name to LISTPROC@LISTS.COLORADO.EDU

    Folio: The Magazine for Magazine Management

    The Independent Press Association (IPA)
    The IPA  works to promote and support independent publications     committed to social justice and a free press.

    International Network of Street Papers (INSP)

    The Magazine Publishers of America
    The MPA is the industry association for producers of consumer magazines.

    Magazines Canada
    Industry organization providing marketing support for the Canadian consumer magazine industry. Includes full text versions of many research studies.

    National Writers Union:
    Organization of  freelance writers working in US markets.

    The Newspaper Association of America
    The NAA  is the industry association of newspaper publishers.

    North American Street Paper Association

    Association for papers supporting homeless and low-income people.

    Periodical Writers Association of Canada
    : Canada's national organization of professional freelance writers.

    The Women's Presses Library Project
    The WPLPis a coalition of women-owned independent presses that publish books, journals and magazines addressing subjects and concerns for women and girls not regularly dealt with by the mainstream houses.
    Media Critiques and Analysis
    Online version of this magazine contains ad spoofs and information on the Culture Jammers Network.

    Columbia Journalism Review
    Online version of CJR includes information on ownership of media, as well as articles from the magazine.

    The Media Channel
    An extensive, ongoing critique of news coverage. The focus is mainly broadcast and cable media, but magazines and newspapers receive coverage.


    Crack Aficionado

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