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Research Society for American Periodicals


Judith Yaross Lee (Ohio University)
President (2-year term: expires 2011)
Judith Yaross Lee is Professor of Communication Studies in the Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University and a founding member of RSAP. Her periodicals research encompasses nineteenth- and twentieth-century topics, prose fiction, non-fiction, and graphics, especially in relation to humor.  She is the author of Defining "New Yorker" Humor (2000), Garrison Keillor:  A Voice of America (1991), and and three dozen essays and journal articles on American popular literature and cultural history. With Joseph W. Slade, she co-edited Beyond the Two Cultures:  Essays on Science, Technology, and Literature (1990) and The Midwest (2004), an award-winning volume in the Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures, and established the Central Region Humanities Center at Ohio University.

email: leej at

Patricia Okker (University of Missouri, Columbia)
Past President (2-year term. Expires 2011)
Patricia Okker is Professor and Chair of the English Department at the University of Missouri, Columbia.  In addition to published
essays on Henry David Thoreau, Lydia Sigourney, William Gilmore Simms, E.D.E.N. Southworth, and Zitkala Sa, she is the author of Our Sister Editors: Sarah J. Hale and the Tradition of Nineteenth-Century Women Editors (University  of Georgia Press, 1995) and Social Stories: The Magazine Novel in Nineteenth-Century America (University of Virginia Press, 2003).  Current research projects include representations of boardinghouses in American culture and the serial novel in minority presses.
email: okkerp at

Kathleen Diffley (University of Iowa), Treasurer
    (2-year term: expires 2010)

Ellen Gruber Garvey (New Jersey City University), Secretary
    (2-year term: expires 2011)


Jared Gardner, Ohio State University
    (3-year term: expires 2011--2nd term)

Kim Martin Long, Shippensburg University
    (3-year term: expires 2010—2nd term)

Susanna Ashton, Clemson University
    (3-year term: expires 2011--2nd term)

Cynthia Patterson, University of South Florida Polytechnic
    (3-year term: expires 2011--1st term)

Jean Lee Cole, Loyola College (Baltimore)
    (3-year term: expires 2012--1st term)

Jean M. Lutes, Villanova University
    (3-year term: expires 2012--1st term)

Karen Roggenkamp, Texas A & M Univ.--Commerce
    (3-year term: expires 2012--1st term)

Ellen Gruber Garvey, Website editor, RSAP
(New Jersey City University)

E-Mail: ellengarvey at

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