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RSAP-L: Research Society for American Periodicals Discussion List

So much innovative investigation of American periodicals is underway that the time seems ripe for scholars working in the area to have our own discussion list. In it, we can continue the conversations that go on in conference hallways, and use our virtual hallway to exchange information, notices, and calls for papers; put together panels, post queries, and let one another know about new books in the field. I hope we'll also take on more broad-ranging conversations about the divergent uses of periodicals in literary and historical studies, classroom use of periodicals, issues of canonicity and popularity in periodicals, periodicals' role in consumer culture, and much else.
    We construe "periodicals" broadly, to include magazines, newspapers, special editions, gift annuals, amateur press periodicals, children's magazines, religious periodicals, periodicals in languages other than English, house organs, mimeographed newsletters, small press periodicals, zines, etc., and of course extend our interests to magazinists and journalists, people who wrote or illustrated even occasionally for the medium, and their organizations. We cover American periodicals from their origin into the present; geographically, we range through the Americas.
RSAP-L is a moderated discussion list open to all who wish to join in a scholarly exchange on American periodicals.

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