Camp where the Mountain Men of the west lived and worked
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About Us

Our Mission is to provide you with an incredible back country experience. Our desire is to help you on your journey to be closer with mother earth, creation and creatures. The old ways have not died! Our pre-1840 trips are historically accurate, (due to 30 years of research and living the way  the true mountaineers were living at that time), in clothing, food, horse tack and camp equipment.

Our outfit is here to serve your vacation needs. Over the years we have taken our guests away from the stress of everyday life and created a fun adventure.

We believe everyone deserves their dream vacation. If none of our packages look right for you, create your own special vacation. We are here to serve, and make your trip to the mountains one you will always remember. 


Our History; for over 30 years we have had the privilege and pure joy of sharing the American Wilderness with others. Offering guided pre-1840 horse pack trips and Private and semi-private Elk, Deer, Moose, Big Horn Sheep and Bear hunts. Not for brag! But humbly! This information is for those who do not know me or my  beloved connection to the mountains and their gifts. 

Richard H.L. Ashburn is a member of the American Mountain Men (Hiveranno) and a licensed, insured, Outfitter and Guide with the state of Wyoming,#0007. Our operations on National Forest lands are authorized under special use permits by Targhee National Forest and operated on a non-discriminatory basis. I have been featured in both films and magazine articles. I have enjoyed working closely with both historical groups and museums for many years.

What’s on the spit?


We were ah tradin at Ft. Hall!!! Got, barley, beans, nuts, cheese, fruit, corn, jerky, and lots of fresh Buffalo !!!!


Fallow me, ta some shining times!!!


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