Mary Tudor, Mary I, or Bloody Mary as she was known to 17th Century Protestants,* was the eldest child of Henry VIII. The only surviving child of his first marriage to Katherine of Aragon

The story of her life is one of the most fascinating in English history. From her pampered childhood, her isolated and fearful teenage years to her unhappy adulthood as Queen of England, her life was a product of her circumstances and beliefs.

'Bloody Mary' was the Mary of the last four years of her life. A staunch Catholic Queen in a religiously divided country she had 283 heretics burned at the stake in a misguided effort to bring England back to the religion that had been her only constant comfort in a life filled with uncertainties.

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*The name 'Bloody Mary' has its origins in the anonymously authored History of Life and Bloody Reign and Death of Queen Mary London, 1682.

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