All works are BMI, and published by Quetzal Music, available from the composer.

Zeppelin (2014) for Wind Symphony, commissioned for the Cali School of Music Wind Symphony. Will premiere 3/6/15 at Kasser Theater, Montclair state University.

To Walk Humbly (2014) for Chorus, theremin, and piano, commissioned by Down East Singers in memory of Col. Robert Rheault. Premieres 5/25/15 at Camden Opera House, Camden, ME.

Lost Waltz 2014 for flute and string quartet, commissioned by the Cooperstown Music Festival (a new version of Lost Waltz 1997 for chamber orchestra); 9:00. Listen

Just Visible in the Distance (2013) for string quartet; 18:00.

Arboretum, a dark symphony for theremin and antiphonal strings (2013); 18:00

Refelections in a Weir (2012) for shakuhachi 1.6, shakuhachi 1.8, and shakuhachi 2.1 (3 players); 9:00.

fragments for the moon (2010) for shakuhachi and nohkan, commissioned by Music from Japan; 12:00

A Bookmobile for Dreamers (2011) for theremin, recorded sound, and video; A Meet the Composer Commission and collaboration with Lothar Osterburg. View trailer Listen

Slowly Toward the North, after Yves Tanguy (2011) for bass koto and shou, written for Reiko Kamata.
Inspired by the surrealist landscapes of Yves Tanguy (1900-1955), particularly by the loneliness and beauty of the blue landscapes; 10:00

Afterimage (2011) for shakuhachi, shamisen and voice; written for Ralph Samuelson and Yoko Hiraoka; 9:00

Shinshoufuukei 心象風景, or An Imagined Landscape, for Hougaku (Japanese traditional instrument) orchestra; Grand Prize winner, Makino Yutaka no Kai Concours. This work was funded in part by the Composer Assistance Program of the American Music Center.15:00

Cloudrest (2010) for shakuhachi, soprano, and gamelan, commissioned by Gamelan Son of Lion; 10:00

One String One Breath (2010) for shakuhachi and ichigenkin (one-string koto), written for Issui Minegishi; 10:00

Rubicon (2009) For the wind instruments of the Gagaku, Japan's ancient court ensemble: hichiriki, ryuteki, and shou (mouth organ). Written for members of Tokyo's Reigakusha; 10:00 LISTEN

Seahorse (2009) for theremin solo with Partch instruments: harmonic canon 1, guitar 1, chromolodeon 1, diamond marimba, bass marimba, juststrokerods, and zoomoozophone. Dedicated to Dean Drummond and commissioned by Montclair State University for its Harry Partch Ensemble; 10:00 Watch Premiere

Mirage (2008) for shakuhachi and string quartet; 12:00 LISTEN

Glacial (2008) baritone, theremin, two violas, and recorded sound. Written for Tom Buckner; 12:00

Piranesi (2007) for theremin and string quartet, with video by Lothar Osterburg; 14:00
LISTEN to music

The Baths of Caracalla (2007) for four alto flutes and recorded sound, commissioned by Flute Force; 7:38 LISTEN

Atlantis (2007) for theremin and classical guitar; 7:00 LISTEN or
Watch Lothar Osterburg's video or
Watch Elizabeth play Theremin

Rural Electrification (2006) Chamber Opera for voice, theremin, and recorded sound, with video by Lothar Osterburg, commissioned by the Barlow Foundation, 54:00 (link to performance)

     1. Many Candles/Glissaria
     2. Refrigerator, Frigidaire
     3. Ad March LISTEN
      Washday Nightmare WATCH VIDO      Coming of Electricity WATCH VIDEO

Detour (2006) for dan bau, flute, violin, and cello; 12:00 LISTEN

Antarctica (2005) for alto flute and recorded sound, commissioned by Patti Monson, 8:00 LISTEN

Shakuhachi Duets from Isle Royale (2005); 7:00 LISTEN

Lunette (2005) for flute duo, commissioned by Meet the Composer's New Donors Program; 10:00

Arcana (2004) for flute and recorded sound, commissioned by Itzhak and Toby Pearlman for the 21st birthday of their daughter Ariella; 9:29 LISTEN

From Isle Royale (2004) for solo shakuhachi; 10:00

Beatitudes (2003) for theremin, oboe d'amore, viola, cello, and harpsichord; 15:00 LISTEN

Vox Inhumanae (2003-present) monologues for shakuhachi, theremin, and dan bau This is a changing set of brief solos played by the composer.

Moonflowers (2003) for solo dan bau (Vietnamese monochord); 3:00 LISTEN

Concerto for Dan Bau and Chamber Orchestra (2002); 15:00 LISTEN

Insomnia (2001) for solo piano; 3:00

Catalog of Scents in the Garden at Night (2001) for violin and viola, commissioned by the Bravo! Vail Valley Music Festival, 7 min.

Blue Minor (2001) for flute and string quartet, commissioned by the Greenwall Foundation for the St. Luke's Chamber Ensemble, 15:00 LISTEN

Collected Visions III (2000) for flute, shakuhachi, viola choir, piano, and toy accordions; Installation in collaboration with artist Lorie Novak; 10:00 WATCH

In a Dreamt Landscape (2000) for flute (doubling native American flute, optional), harp, and string quartet, commissioned by the Taos Chamber Music Group, 7:00

Botanical Obsessions (2000) for solo flute, commissioned by the Brannen-Cooper Fund, 8:00

Trillium (1999) for solo flute, commissioned by the National Flute Association, 5:00 LISTEN

Acadia (1999) for flute and shakuhachi; 8:30 LISTEN

Liguria (1999) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano, commissioned by the Fromm Foundation for the New York New Music Ensemble; 10:00 LISTEN

Sound Diary (1999) for solo piano, commissioned by Margaret Kampmeier; 10:00 LISTEN

Anthem, (1998) for flute and piano; 13:00 LISTEN

Harmonia (1998) for orchestra, commissioned by the Hopkins Center and the Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra; 15:00

Lost Waltz (1997) for Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, commissioned with funds from the Greenwall Foundation and the Heathcote Art Foundation; 11:00 Listen

Delirium (1997) for flute, cello, Yamaha DX7II synthesizer, and Partch instruments (diamond marimba, boo, harmonic canon, and kithara II), commissioned for Newband by the Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust; 14 min. LISTEN

Alabama Panorama (1996) for flute choir; commissioned by the New York and Long Island Flute Clubs; 8:00

Beside Her Dream (1996); dance score for solo flute with tape (multitracked flutes, shakuhachi, piano, and toy accordions; commissioned by Amiel Malale Dance with funds from the Greenwall Foundation; 20:00

Figures in a Landscape (1995) for violin, viola, cello, bass, and piano; 14:00 LISTEN

Travelogue (1995) for flute quartet; commissioned by Flute Force; 8:00

Pentimento (1994) after Bach's Nun komm, der Heiden Heilan; for oboe, violin, viola, and cello; for Peggy Pearson; 4:00

Anthem (1994) for solo flute and chamber ensemble; commissioned by the New York Chamber Ensemble; 14:00

Bird Life in Wington (1993) for clarinet, horn, violin, 2 violas, and cello; commissioned by the Bennington Chamber Music Conference and Composers Forum of the East; 5:00

Collected Visions (1993) for flute, viola d'amore, cello, and glass armonica; commissioned by the Houston Center for Photography for an installation in collaboration with visual artist Lorie Novak; 10:00

Archipelago (1990, revised 1992) for solo cello, flute/alto flute, Yamaha DXVII synthesizer, zoomoozophone, and Partch instruments (diamond marimba and surrogate kithara); commissioned by Newband

Chronicle (1992) for viola and piano; commissioned by Karen Dreyfuss; 10:00

A Certain Light (1992) for baritone and piano, with text by Marie Howe; published by Boosey and Hawkes as part of the AIDS Quilt Songbook; 4:00

The Secret Life of Birds (1992) for flute and koto; commissioned by the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs; 14:00

Orrery (1992) for shakuhachi, viola d'amore, and percussion; commissioned by Jennie Hansen; 8:00

A Fragile Barrier (1991) for oboe and piano; commissioned by the Cape and Islands Chamber Music Festival; 18:00

Hermit Thrush (1991) for solo shakuhachi; 4:00 LISTEN

Maps of Heaven (1991) for clarinet, violin, viola, cello, and piano; commissioned by the Partita Chamber Ensemble; 14:00

Remembering Me Remembering You (1991); dance score for soprano, flute, clarinet, cello, piano, and percussion; commissioned by the American Dance Festival for Amiel Malale Dance; 18:00

Migration (1990) for shakuhachi, violin, viola, and cello; commisioned by the Andiamo Chamber Ensemble; 12:00 LISTEN

The Memory Palace (1990) for flute, cello, and piano; 10 min. LISTEN

String Quartet #1 (1989); 14:00

3 Outside Insights (1988) for flute and clarinet; 8:00

3 Songs on Texts of Milosz (1987) for soprano and piano; 9:00

Augury (1987) for flute and guitar; 14:00 LISTEN

Seawatch (1987) for solo violin; commissioned by Roger Zahab; 10:00

2 Songs on Texts of Kinnell (1985) for mezzo soprano, flute, violin, cello and piano; 8:00