Searching for factors of the Mersenne number

M(3326400) = 23326400-1

ElevenSmooth is a distributed computing project searching for prime factors of M(3326400) ...(more)

Download Page

New Win32 Users

Sander, smh on the boards, has made a zip file for ElevenSmooth available.
  1. Download the ElevenSmooth.zip file to a directory of your choice. We suggest creating a new directory named C:\Program Files\ECM.
  2. Unzip ElevenSmooth.zip. This will create two files and a folder. The folder will have a series of subfolders, one for each type of processor. These subfolders each contain a version of the ECM program that has been optimized for that processor.
  3. Locate the subfolder corresponding to your processor. For example subfolder "P2" if you have a Pentium II, subfolder "athlon" if you have an athlon or a duron. Copy the program ecm.exe from that subfolder to the main folder. There should now be three files in the main folder, named ecmclient.exe, ecmclient.cfg, and ecm.exe. You may delete the folder with the processor-specific subfolders at this time.
  4. Edit the configuration file, ecmclient.cfg, in the main folder. Use an ASCII editor - we recommend the standard windows program Notepad. Notepad is usually in the Start Menu at Start->Accessories.
  5. Change Line 3 to have your email address. You must remove the the leading "//" characters.
  6. Change Line 7 to an appropriate name for your computer. Any name will do. If you are running multiple machines using the same email address, this is how we tell them apart.
  7. Save the changed ecmclient.cfg file.
  8. You can now run the ecmclient.exe program and begin factoring. The first time you run the program, it will announce that it couldn't open the files ecmclient.ini, ecmclient.crv, and ecmclient.daily. This message is normal. These files will be created during the first run.
  9. If you wish, put a shortcut on the desktop to start ecmclient.exe.
  10. If you wish, put a shortcut in the StartUp folder to start ecmclient.exe whenever you boot your system.
  11. If you wish, add ecmclient.exe to your Start Menu.
  12. If you wish, run ElevenSmooth invisibly by using the Task Scheduler to start the program.

Users from Prior ECM Projects

The ECM and ECMclient programs are standard tools used by many factoring projects. If you already have these programs on your system, you need to change the configuration file to use the ElevenSmooth server. You may also need to change the port number back to the standard.


Use Port 8195 to reach the Record Setting Server

New Unix Users

The eCompute ECM project has information about creating programs for Unix systems.

Stand Alone Users

It is easier for me if you get your factoring assignments from the ECM server. But if you cannot, you can still participate in ElevenSmooth by downloading the standalone package, running the program, and once every week or two emailing the results to me. I will manually add your curves to the ECM Server. From time to time you will need to download a new package because the factoring thresholds will change and because factors will have been found for some of the numbers in the package.
  1. You still need the processor-specific version of the ecm.exe program. Follow the instructions above.
  2. Download the ElevenSmooth Stand Alone Package to the same directory as the ecm.exe program and unzip it.
  3. Start the batch file Eleven.bat. It will run the ecm program at low priority on a small set of composites, putting the results into the file eleven.out. If it finds any factors, you will be notified to send in the results soon.
  4. After a week or so (sooner if you found a factor), stop the program and send the output file (eleven.out) to me.
  5. Check for an updated package, erase the old output file, and repeat.

Record Setting Factors

A slave ECM Server has been set up to hand out only assignments that are likely to qualify for the top 100 factors found by ECM or for the 10 largest factors found by GMP-ECM so far this year. To use this server, edit the configuration file ecmclient.cfg and change the port to 8195.

Wish List

If you want to work on one of these projects, tell us at the ElevenSmooth Forum or by email.
  1. Some people have trouble identifying their processor and finding the appropriate ECM program. It would be nice to distribute a program that does this for them.
  2. While at it, the program could have a simple window for setting the email and machine id.
  3. If we go that far, we could consider a real windows installation program that also updates the desktop, start menu, startup program, and has an uninstall feature.
  4. We could have instructions about how to make the program a System Service, perhaps using the Windows Resource Kit, perhaps using FireDaemon, or perhaps using the supplied ecmclientsvc.exe program. I have not succeeded in getting ecmclientsvc.exe to work, and haven't tried the others yet.
  5. The ability to optionally use an http proxy server would help some users that presently need to use the Stand Alone Process. This would require enhancements to both the client and the server. Japke Rosink, known as BotXXX on the boards, has suggested that the program HTTPort might be a solution.
  6. If the Prime95 project becomes a long term effort, it needs download instructions, especially for the lowM.txt.