Zoe Houndsbane

The Basis of the name Elegant Type & Graphics.

C.G.C., Mount Diablo Dog Training Club, 1996

C.D., Mount Diablo Dog Training Club, 1996

When Zoe came into our home we also had a Bloodhound. He was five years old and no longer a puppy, Zoe was all puppy trying to get the hound to play, nipping at his long ears and generally making his life miserable. Thus her own name, Houndsbane. When it came time to name our business, we decided to use a picture of the Poodles in our logo and Zoe, now a few years older, is the very personification (caninification?) of elegance. It turns out that the AKC Breed Standard for Poodles uses that very word "Elegant" as one of their requirements and that far at least Zoe is a perfect representative of the breed.



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