Glory's Riley Ace of Spies

Just a wild and crazy Brown Poodle.

C.G.C., Mount Diablo Dog Training Club, 1996

C.D., Mount Diablo Dog Training Club, 1996

By the time our old hound died we had been living with Zoe for a couple of years and never even considered getting any breed other than another Standard Poodle. There's a rumor, bitterly disputed among the long time breeders in Poodledom, that Brown Poodles are somehow wilder than those of any other color. Riley fully lives up to that projection. Our two standard Poodles turned out to be as different as their colors, Cream and Brown. Riley, with people he likes can really be sweeter than Zoe snuggling up to them or following their every move. With other people and especially with large dogs, Riley can be a real dog, barking, growling etc. Life with Riley is never boring.



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