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I’m Elisabeth Reisch — the Electra in Electra PR and also the president.  The business has been going strong for close to 15 years now, and though we may add other industry veterans to the team when necessary, the buck stops here.   


First and foremost, I am an experienced business person.  With 25 years management experience in high technology, marketing and sales, my skill set offers a wide range of competencies to make the right decisions and produce the results you need to exceed your corporate communication goals.


Choosing Electra Public Relations, you'll have a single-point of contact — a senior business expert to take care of your project from start to finish.  There's no bait and switch here.   We make it easy. 


We work with only a handful of clients.  Let me repeat.  We work with only a handful of clients.  This business philosophy allows us to be available when you need us most.  And, it allows us to continually produce award-winning work.

"Always looking for an angle.  Hands-on, self-motivated, self-directed, …to do the best for the business." 

B. Loeber

HP – imaging and printing



"Highly impactful PR with a plan.  You get what you pay for." 

G. King

Elcom – e-commerce



"Winners demonstrated a laser focus on communications grounded in creativity and passion, which ultimately helped message recipients understand and appreciate its relevance and importance."

C. Kennedy

LACP - communications forum

"The Bulldog Awards reward the art of crafting a great story, the ability to seize the moment when news breaks, the deft management of journalists on the attack and persistence in breaking through the bulwarks of influential media with a brilliant pitch."  Infocom Group announcement for Electra Public Relations as the winner of Gold in the technology-business category and Bronze in the response-to-breaking-news category.

"When I first met Elisabeth and had the good fortune to work with her, I realized quickly that if I was to start my own business with 10 people, she would be one of those 10.  In fact, the first one of the 10!  That would give me the largest chance of success."

G. Forman




"You guys were wonderful."

A. Walker

CNN - broadcast news



"She takes her deep and complex understanding of business and turns it into a winning marcom strategy that she executes impeccably." 

N. Swanson

HP and Compaq – computer peripherals

Electra Public Relations awards
Communicator and Hermes Awards 2003 - 2009 Video News, Feature and News Writing, Publicity

HP Intelligent PDU - SearchDataCenter Award
HP's iPDU wins prestigious silver award in the infrastructure category


Creative, smart and effective media relations for B2B, technology firms.

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