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Goodies to get you started 

Do It Yourself


Be a star: Post on YouTube
Training materials via video are easily understood

Sample Crisis Plan*
Plan To 


  1. Identify internal and external constituents
  2. Act quickly
  3. Communicate facts
  4. Minimize rumors
  5. Restore order and confidence
Action List


    1. Create a contact list with day/night time phone numbers
    2. Build a crisis team
    3. Assign a single spokesperson
    4. Prepare a series of key messages and detailed Q&A
    5. Tell them what you know
    6. Tell them what you don't know
    7. Practice because everything is "on the record"
    8. Create a contact log
    9. Be available
    10. Don't forget to update your Web site

* Every company should have a crisis plan.  This checklist will help you develop your plan.

Editors are Key

Sometimes we have opinions about what we read.  Why not send a letter to the editor stating your viewpoint and get your name published for free? Or, why not aim for a magazine to endorse your product as the Editor's Choice?

Editor's Choise for HP Intelligent Series Rack from Electronics Protection Magazine Sep/Oct 2013 Issue

Energy User News / Sustainable Facility) May 2004

Consulting Specifying Engineer July 2007

Top Social Media Sites

LinkedIn is the preferred social media tool with executives. Here's how the other social media tools faired.


News Wires



Writing Tips
Writing for the press is different than writing for advertising.  Here's the book that defines clear news writing:  The AP Stylebook.

Barnes & Noble carries this and many other great books - click here

Quick Language Translations
Avoid those typical international marketing blunders.  This translation tool helps you avoid launching an automobile into the Spanish market with the name "No Va".

Google Tool


4,500 News Sources


We all need to keep up on the quickly changing environment affecting privacy, telemarketing, and FCC rulings.  This site has some interesting information.


Free Magazines
Here's a site listing many of the trade publications that will send you a free subscription.  Remember, save a tree and only sign up for what you really need.  Happy reading!



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