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Expect a Serendipty

To study and explore the different but complementary paradigms of Synergetics by Buckminster Fuller, Structural Integration and Bio-energetics such as by Ida Rolf and Wilhelm Reich,General Semantics by Count Alfred Korzybski, (and certain related concepts).

"True democracy discovers by patient experiment and unanimous acknowledgement what the laws of nature or universe may be for the physical support and metaphysical satisfaction of the human intellect's function in universe. " R.Buckminster Fuller, Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth

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  • Rolfing and Reich's theories - Structural Integration

The main premise of Reich's Early work was that the mind and body are not separate things.The mind is distributed throughout the body to a point that there is no strong dividing line between mind and body. He also observed that for every neurotic thought, there was a chronic physical symptom mirroring it. You may have noticed that neck tension is associated with anxiety, for example.

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  • E-Prime and General Semantics by Count Alfred Korzybski

"In essence, E-Prime consists of a more descriptive and extensionally oriented derivative of English, that automatically tends to bring the user back to the level of first person experience. " Speaking in E-Prime , E. W. Kellogg III

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The Three Step Program

Time-Binding Trust.part of Future Positive, a Krorzbski and Fuller inspired site

The European Society for General Semantics has the entire text of some of Korzybski's books on-line.

It was a fundamental error of the old evaluations to postulate 'human nature' as 'evil'. 'Human nature' depends to a large extent on the character of our creeds or rationalizations, etc., for these ultimately build up our socio-cultural and other environments from Manhood of Humanity by Alfred Korzybski

A related web site, TT The Table - .David Bohm-dialogue on-line:

"...thus, in a dialogue, each person does no attempt to MAKE COMMON certain ideas or items of information that are already known to him, rather, it may be said that two people are making some thinkg in common, i.e. creating some thinkg new together."

TT - The Table.David Bohm-dialogue on-line

GENERAL SEMANTICS: Applying science - mathematical methods and discoveries to daily living

The Central Concepts in Metaphysics Anonymous;

Communication, Life-Long Learning, Purpose through Work, and Improvement of Self (physical and mental)


"Friends of Kebyar is an Oregon non-profit corporation and an international network of people interested in original and innovative architecture that is not 'mainstream' - architecture that defies the tyranny of styles. We advocate creative and unusual solutions to the challenges facing todayís architects. "

"Kebyar is a Balinese word literally meaning the process of flowering. It also designates a style in Balinese music and art connoting strength and vigor. Internationally famed architect Bruce Goff chose Kebyar as the name for a school of creative arts and architecture he was planning at the time of his death. "

"The organizationís purposes are to advance creative organic architecture, to bring attention to the works of original artists, and to nurture the spiritual endowment left by the architects that have preceded us who worked so hard to free their art from the indolent idioms of fashion and imbue it with new meaning, integrity, and respect for the natural environment."


Broce Goff

The Bavinger House (built about 1950)


Bruce Goff

Duncan/Etzkorn house, illinois:

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Margaret Mead's last words to Jean Houston:
"The world is going to change so fast that people and governments will not be prepared to be stewards of this change. What will save them is teaching-learning communities. They could come together in churches or businesses or even in families. They could meet weekly and do your kinds of exercises, especially ones that develop their capacities. There must be humor, laughter, music, games, and good food as well, to keep them coming back. Then, when they feel ready, they will choose projects to work on to help their communities. The only way to have a possible society, Jean, is to develop the possible human at the same time." From page 228, "A Mythic Life", by Jean Houston, Ph.D. | Jean Houston.|

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