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Metaphysics Anonymous Essays

Expect a Synchronicity

  • Graphical Timeline for 9-11 2001.By Leigh Brasington
  • The War on Torture.By Eldon
  • Optimism.Rick Ivy
  • Duct Tape My Causus Bellum ,by Chip Eastham
  • A Gathering of Herds.Burt Alpert, 10/9/01
  • The Metaphysical Club, 1870
  • San Francisco in 1910.Jack London
  • Artificial Intelligence 1967 .EEN
  • (hesperides) 1982 BDM
  • State of the Species.. .DBM.2000
  • The Big Picture 2000.S.Roof
  • International Stoic Society
  • The Cabin At Lake Haiwaka.2002.

    Structral Changes.E. New and Rick Ivy, 6-3-2002

    Current Events Quiz by Captain Nemo

    Got Bildung? by Captain Nemo

    Habermas Eschews Metaphysics by Captain Nemo

    Argument For the Primacy of 3D Relations.Swinton Roof

    A Prophecy From the Lathe of Heaven poem By Kent Kemmish, July 2001

    A Paean to Peirce (upon looking up "semiotics" on the Web). By Ernie McKracken, May 2001

    THE UNIVERSE ALGORITHM, RULE-SET FOR ENTELECHY (B. Deric Morris), The Central Dogma of M.A.

    Welcome to the Millenium, by Mark Gilley, M.A.

    Every Senttor Counts by Captain Nemo

    Simultaneous Convergence by Eldon New

    A) The Merger of Logic, Mathematics and Philosophy
    B) Consilience of the sciences
    C) Thechnological Convergence

    San Francisco in 1910... Part One of a history of Metaphysics Anonymous, with references to jack London's Martin Eden

    (hesperides) Part Two of a history of Metaphysics Anonymous, a poem by Deric

    Synoptics to Semiosis by B. Deric Morris, 2001

    [1994] Tonight Deric and I (Swinton), had a most fruitfull discussion which we decided to present as recap to Metaphysics Anonymous. Our discussion started on the subject of the 'Dandelion Model' as a graphic template for all the various themes and topics as of late. At center would be chaos from which all the various and sundry theories and formulations would radiate as spokes of 'spoken' order. The whole thing would portray an interdisciplinary approach.Late One Night at Metaphysics Anonymous

    Late One Night in 2000 A.D. Nemo and Ras discussed the 1920s minutes of MA in SF via Jack London

    The Universe Papers Quantum Theory in the Woods

    Nested Psychologies.. and the Theory of Everything

    I.S.E.T. .Diagram of the relationship between Information, Space, Energy, and Time.

    Now: letıs get down to cases. Semiotics is the field in which the uses of abstraction, the assignment of symbols, and the development of self-similar, self-referent systems of number, notation, and entity are examined on the basis of quantifiable terms. Thus semiotics, at its core, must needs deal with the ways in which we conceptualize phenomenal processes and how our concepts relate to observed event.

    Semantics (the study of meaning: theories of denotation, extension, naming and truth); Syntactics (the formal relations between signs or expressions in abstraction); and Pragmatics (the relation between signs or symbols and their users, hence our selection and application of signs), comprise elementary semiotics. This applies to mathematics as well as to linguistics. Chomsky has theorized that children learn language with ease because there is a "hardwired" capacity for grammar and syntax in the human brain. Iıd say rather that, just as there is an intrinsic semiotic framework to phenomenal Universe, so is there likewise a self-similar aspect of "mind" manifest in the brain. On Semiotics.an essay by Deric Morris

    Synoptic History.an essay by Mu Kraken

    Constructs in Hilbert Space.an essay by Mu Kraken

    Firearms by Mark Gilley, M.A.

    Carrots, Sticks, and the Prefrontal Cortex by Capt. Nemo.

    Golden Memes Golden Memes, a resource and repository for documents created by members of the Memphis,TN branch of Metaphysics Anonymous

    The Equation for Money in a Post-Industrial Economy by Eldon New.

    A RESONANCE OF MEMES The Teleological Imperative, by Deric Morris

    Making the World Work .Buckminster Fuller used the slogan "What I am trying to do, is to make the world work for all of humanity."

    Class Distinction as a Function of Language SkillsBecause of the Marxist use of class terminology, a period of time went by in which our society pretended that there was no such thing as class.

    | The Web of Life |

    Extant problems under scrutiny by science include that of evolution as well as apparent gaps in conventional wisdom with regard to : fundamental physics, gene structures & function, and the systems application of epistemology.
    Dialectics and Definitions

    "And even the absract entities
    circumambulate her charm,
    but our lot crawls between dry ribs, 
    to keep our metaphysics warm" 
    T.S. Eliot, "Whispers of Immortality"

    I. Knowledge factoids Hint: Read the first factoid 0) quickly without attempting any hard understanding. Its merely a snarly guide of terms to be used in later digressions upon a meme.
    Snarlus Erectus de Lichtum Aurum

    poems by Deric

    Technology can be defined as the means whereby a society produces the various 'goods' it uses. Most of us have some familiarity with micro-technology and its breathtaking changes in our world. Nano-technology in comparison promises a truly awesome next step for mankind.This paper attempts to convey some idea of what this new technology might mean.

    to the sacred glen where a circle of blue glass insulators indicate Polaris
    Sedimental Journey

    The physical universe results form a superposition of states of millions of possibilities.

    When public discussion of the mtDNA-based view of human development was originally introduced, the first thought to come to mind was, "What happened to all the other lines of mtDNA?"
    Mitochondrial Musings

    We had been on the move since the Inclusions Acts moved us off our ancestral homes in Scotland and Ireland. The landowners needed the extra land to raise more sheep.
    Tibetans Yaks and the Migration

    Season of Nonviolence

    Free Tibet

    Sahib and the Franchise

    Stealing the Fire A Linguistic Overview of This Century's Advances in Physics by Dan Moonhawk Alford, given AAA/SAC March 25, 1996

    "mind, body, and soul are aspects of entity space, mappable to height, width, depth."
    Chaos and Essence

    ". And their God is Lord of the Fief. Six days a week they wallow in self-pity, zenophobia, and cholestorol, keeping a hawk's eye to the close-knit penny. Then on the seventh day they grovel before their Lord, eat a monstrous lunch, and return home both sanctified and very drowsy."

    "We suggest that understanding emerges among people in a similar way. The conversation winds and wanders, arriving at places that, quite simply, could never have been anticipated. Given its unspecifiable path, Gadamer suggests that it is more appropriate to think of the participants as being 'led' by the conversation than as leading it. The conversation is something more than coordinated actions of autonomous agents - in a sense, it has us; we do not have it. Put differently, the conversation is not subject to predetermined goals, but unfolds with the reciprocal, codetermined actions of the persons involved."from "Cognition, Complexity, and Teacher Education" Davis and Sumara, Harvard Educational Review

    Political Issues Decide for Yourself.

    WIlliam James

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