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Three Step Program

(1)Work: Work at least one hour a day on something.

This is to keep your mental and physical energy focused. Benjamin Franklin wrote about this.
The Work of the Intellectual in an Era of Total Commitment

(2) Learn: Read or study at least one hour each day

Franklin started one of the first lending libraries. There is probably one near you.

(3)Heal: Exercise or walk at least thirty minutes each day.

Vitality level = Exercise/Fat Intake (from Fred A. Wolf's book The Body Quantum)

Healing resources. some usefull links we have put together in a group effort..

Benjamin Franklin had a similar set of precepts: Franklin's precepts

(If you have trouble with one of these three steps, consult your physician.

or go to the Preliminary 3 Step Program)

Featuring the Stoic Flowchart:

[1] Worried?: Is it your responsibility"

         No : then stop worrying about it----->go to [4]
         YES : then do something------------------->go to [5]

[2] Bored? : then you forgot to do something:---------->go to [5]

[3] Depressed: Then you need to set some goals.
                  set short range and long range goals
                  then go to ---------------------->[5]

[4] Epictetus says that since certain matters are usually
    not in your control, you need not worry about them. 
   Which things are in your control can be decided by using logic and reason.
   Ciritcal thinking should be used to evaluate decisions. --->go to [5]

[5] The three step program:

Beyond the three step program: Voluntary Simplicity, "Doing more with less"

Proposed grades of advancement in Metaphysics Anonymous:

listing from highest to lowest:

Humanitarian...on the 3 step program [1], reads or writes about 
               volunteers time or money to worthy causes
Humanist.......on the 3 step program, reads or writes about 
Intellectual...on the 3 step program, writes about issues
Liberal........on the 3 step program, reads about issues
               knows "left" from "right"
Normal.........on the preliminary 3 step program [2]
Criminal.......no visible agenda
Demented.......qualifies for medical treatment with major meds.

note [2] Preliminary 3 Step Program

(1) Get up in the morning.

(2) Put your shoes and socks on.

(3) Eat something from a plate once a day.

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