Since the troop is currently parking cars as a fundraiser, we are not ushering as a troop for the 2008 season. 

Ushering Information Sheet
Fall 2008

Misbehavior will not be tolerated!  The Scouts have been providing this service since 1948 without interruption due to the fine work of your predecessors.  If we are to continue in the future, it will depend upon you.  Be present and on time for each game, wear your Scout smile, and follow the Scout Law.

Home Game Schedule
   August 30:         Chattanooga                         6:00 PM
   September 6:      Cincinnati                            2:30 PM
   September 27:    TCU                                    TBA
   October 18:        Kansas                                 TBA
   November 1:      Nebraska                              TBA
   November 22:    Texas Tech                          TBA
   December 6:       Big XII Championship        TBA

Times are subject to change because of TV game assignments.  The time for the start of the game will be announced at the Scout meeting on the Monday prior to each game.

Only Registered Boy Scouts, Venturers, Explorers, and Adult Leaders may participate.  Cub Scout sons, brothers, nephews, etc., will not be admitted.  Scouts must be at least First Class rank to participate.  The stadium is divided up into seven sections, each having a Section Supervisor.  Each of the 38 aisles for which Scouts have responsibility also has an Aisle Supervisor. 
If a Scout needs to be contacted in case of an emergency, call the University of Oklahoma Police Department at 405-325-2864.  They will relay a message to the stadium and attempt to make contact with the individual.

Complete and Official Uniforms must be worn for all Games:
  This includes appropriate Official hat, socks, belt, pants/shorts/skirt, and shirt.  Troop hats, blue jeans, OA or merit badge sashes, or other extraneous items are not to be worn.  Uniforms will be inspected at the gates at each game.  Individuals not meeting the standards for the program will not be allowed into the game.  Sunscreen, rain gear (no umbrellas) and sunglasses are options you may want to consider.

A general briefing will be held
2 hours prior to kickoff.  The location of the briefing has not yet been announced.  Go to your assigned section after the briefing.  Your Section Supervisor will give you instructions on how to perform your duties and the Aisle Supervisors will station you where you are needed.

You will be on duty for
1 hours prior to kickoff.  There will be no eating or drinking during this time.  There will be time to eat, following the general assembly and section meeting and before you go on duty, so you may want to bring a sack lunch or money to buy something to eat.  While on duty, you should not have anything in your hands and there is not storage area, so Scouts should only bring things that can fit in a pocket or belt-pack.

Everyone is to remove his/her hat during the opening prayer.  At the close of the prayer, replace headgear, face the southeast flagpoles, stand at attention, and salute during the national anthem.

Your Aisle Supervisor will inform you when your ushering responsibilities are over.  Proceed to the designated reserved seating area for the remainder of the game.  You must stay in proper uniform during the entire game.

On the first game day, everyone will receive a card that lists ushering guidelines and university regulations.  Each Leader must insure that their Scouts understand their responsibilities and expected conduct, is responsible for the actions and conduct of his/her Scouts, and therefore should be aware of the activities and locations of their Scouts.  All Scouts are expected to remain in the stadium until it is time to go home.

Since we live here in Norman, it will be up to each Scout to get to the Stadium (the southeast gate off Jenkins Street) and to get home after the game.  Traffic is heavy so allow extra time coming and leaving the game.   

Remember, be at the game 2 hours before kickoff if you are going directly to the stadium. 

Please have your parents sign this letter and return it at the first game.  This will serve as the official permission letter for ushering.

Scout's Name _________________________________________________

Parents signature ______________________________________________

Date ________________________________________________________

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