Scoutmaster Honor Roll

James Fenn                  03/08/20
Otto Walter                  01/18/21
James Fenn                  05/15/22
Capt. R. E. Duff           08/21/23
J. R. Roberts                02/18/24
Robert M. Lehew         03/18/25
Frank C. Morris           05/10/26
Paul Keen                    04/06/28
L. D. Montgomery       03/25/30
H. A. Ireland                11/15/32
James Fenn                  03/22/34
L. D. Huddleston         04/29/35
Nelson Haley               03/03/36
M. W. Redus                06/06/36
L. D. Huddleston         07/22/37
Frank Morris                04/23/38
Fred Patton                  06/03/39
John E. Wilson             02/18/41
R. McDonald               04/01/42
R. A. Church                05/20/43
Leonard Logan             02/25/44
L. A. Weidman             05/01/45
B. W. Hardin                02/26/47
James Ward                  02/20/49
Henry Hensel               03/04/54
John Davison               02/27/57
Carl Collier                  03/01/60
Wilson Steen                02/22/63
James Pitt                     02/11/65
C. E. Maudlin              07/30/65
Richard Andree           02/23/66
Charles Jones               03/15/68
William Fields             02/28/70
Joe Blake                     02/01/71
Leon Daily                   02/01/74
Robb Koether              09/01/75
R. W. Powers               02/01/78
J. Frank McFarland      02/01/83
Mike Whalen               04/01/84
Dave Collett                 02/01/84
Scott Barbour               07/01/85
David Annis                 02/01/86
Harvey Langholtz        04/01/87
Bob Galley                   02/01/88
Howard Zimmerman    02/01/89
Robert Hall                  09/21/92
Rick Loftin                   09/15/98
Brian T. Chinn             02/01/99
Todd Butler                  2003

Jim Scholean              2007

I would love to hear from anyone on this Scoutmaster's Honor Roll to learn about some of the things the troop did while you were involved or what you have done since leaving the troop.  I would also like to have a current e-mail address so current Scouts or your old Scout friends can contact you.  I will link your name to a short biography page containing the information.  Because of the Scout rules regarding posting personal information about minors, I will only do this for men 18 years of age or over.  Please email Edwin Cook if you are interested.

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Jim Scholean

Committee Chairman
Amy Arrington

Charter Organization Representative
Edwin Cook

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