Venturing is for young men and young women ages 14 to 20. It includes challenging high-adventure activities, sports, and hobbies for teenagers that teach them leadership skills, provide opportunities to teach others, and give them an opportunity to learn and grow in a supporting, caring, and fun environment.  For more information on the Venturing program in general, see the Venturing section of the Boy Scouts of America web site
McFarlin began a Venture Crew in 2003.  For more information about Venture Crew 241, please contact the crew advisor, Brian Chinn.

Chartered by
McFarlin Memorial United Methodist Church
University at Apache P.O. Box 6390
Norman, OK 73070-6390 (405) 321-3484

Venture Crew 241 is a member of the
Last Frontier Council of the Boy Scouts of America

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