The Wonderful World of Andy Williams (Columbia 2137 [mono], Columbia 8937 [stereo], released 1963?)
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1. Canadian Sunset (Gimbel-Heywood)
2. Sing a Rainbow (Arthur Hamilton)
3. Dream (Johnny Mercer)
4. This Is All I Ask (Gordon Jenkins)
5. Wives and Lovers (Bacharach-David)
6. First Born (Lehmann)

1. A Fool Never Learns (Sonny Curtis)
2. Noelle (Wyle-Pola)
3. Pennies from Heaven (Burke-Johnston)
4. September Song (Kurt Weill)
5. Let It Be Me (Curtis-Delanoe-Becaud)
6. Softly as I Leave You (Calabrese-De Vita-Shaper)

Producer: Robert Mersey

I do not own this album, nor have I heard it. However, according to mail I've received, Claudine duets with husband Andy Williams on "Let It Be Me" (she also sings one verse, in French) and sings with others on "First Born," "Canadian Sunset" and "Pennies from Heaven." Note her billing as "Claudine Williams" on the cover.