Some of Claudine Longet's original albums are available on CD, but often as pricey imports. However, The Look of Love/Love Is Blue and We've Only Just Begun/Let's Spend the Night Together were recently reissued as two-fers, so that makes the average cost per album quite reasonable. Also, the big news is that the oft-coveted Run Wild, Run Free is newly reissued! However, all the sites say it's a limited edition, so grab yours fast.

The below table lists some online sites which sell Longet product, along with cost comparisons (note: prices and stock fluctuate frequently, so don't assume the below information is correct). None of these prices include postage. And if you're looking for Claudine or Sugar Me, you'll just have to scour collectors' auctions (or third-party Amazon sellers).

Look of Love/Love Is BlueColoursRun Wild, Run FreeWe've Only/Let's SpendBest of (A&M)Very Best ofCuddle UpHello, Hello
Barnes & Noble-$23.98-$13.99-$13.99-$17.09
CD Connection-$16.24-$11.69-$11.57$27.12$16.43
CD Quest$23.40$20.55-$11.43$23.40$12.16$22.33$14.34
CD Universe$31.89$19.35$36.65$12.15$31.89$11.89$27.85$18.09
Collectors Choice--$42.99$14.95-$11.95$12.95-
Tower Records$27.99$16.81$36.99$10.99$27.99$11.04$11.28$11.99
Varèse Sarabande-----$12.98--

BillboardIf you're comfortable with Euro dollars, you also could try Amazon's German site. This site also includes an important item: The Mad Mad World of Soundtracks, Volume 2, which is one way to purchase a CD copy of the legendary "Nothing to Lose."

Further sources for the Cuddle Up with Claudine anthology: Check the GEMM site, which lists several international retailers. Outside of GEMM, I also see that Juno Records sells the vinyl version, and Record Shack has both formats. it directly from Munster!

Also, Amazon's French and American sites sell a recent French reissue of "The Party" soundtrack, which includes Claudine's version of "Nothing to Lose" as a bonus track. Try checking the above CD retailers, as well.

There are no Longet tracks available through iTunes, as far as I know. The best you can do is the Crooner's obscure tribute, "Whatever Happened to Claudine Longet?."

Meanwhile, there's always the used-vinyl route....

Your first stops should be GEMM, Music Stack or eBay, or click here for a webring devoted to used-vinyl sites. And if you're selling Longet material and wish to be listed above, just email me. Otherwise, here are a few selected sites to try:

California Albums
Greg's Grooves
Hot Platters
Neighbor Gabor's Records
NetSoundsMusic (lots of material available!)
Records by Mail

Also, see GEMM to buy Nick De Caro's 1969 release Happy Heart, for which Longet wrote the liner notes. You can also buy a Japanese import disc at Amazon. Of course, the connection here is that De Caro wrote the arrangements for Longet's first four albums, and produced/arranged Run Wild, Run Free and We've Only Just Begun.

Happy Heart