Run Wild, Run Free (A&M SP 4232, released January 1970) [reissued in Japan, A&M POCM-1943 (?)]
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1. Everybody's Talkin' 2:40 (Fred Neil)
2. Lazy Summer Night 2:45 (Harold Spina)
3. Little Man (Little Woman) 2:35 (Danny Janssen)
4. A Bushel and a Peck 3:25* (Frank Loesser)
5. Love Can Never Die 2:56 (Smokey)

1. Something 2:20 (George Harrison)
2. Don't Remind Me Now of Time 2:51 (John Simon-Peter Yarrow) (From motion picture "You Are What You Eat")
3. Golden Slumbers 2:47 (Lennon-McCartney)
4. Run Wild, Run Free 2:41 (Don Black-David Whitaker) (From Columbia picture "Run Wild, Run Free")
5. This Changing World (De L'Automne a L'Automne) 3:07 (Original Text, Roland Valade-English Lyric, Diana Spryopulos-Music, Jean-Claude Oliver)
6. Thank You Baby 2:42 (Bruce Johnston-Denie Dudley)

*Male Vocal: Nick De Caro
Produced and Arranged by: Nick De Caro
Engineer: Dick Bogert
Studio: A&M Recording Studio

Lazy Summer Night/Shadows of Night (A&M 1098)
A Bushel and a Peck/Run Wild, Run Free (A&M 1181)
White Horses/??? (A&M 1478)

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