A publicity shot from Claudine's early days with the Folies Bergère (third girl from the top!)

Five publicity stills from "McHale's Navy": with Tim Conway, Conway again, various cast members, Conway and Ernest Borgnine (in color!), Borgnine and Jean Willes and Conway and Joe Flynn

More assorted shots from "McHale's Navy" (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Many shots from "The Party": with bubbles, guitar, car, clapping, cowboy, towel (1, 2), and elephant (1, 2, 3, 4)
The theater poster and lobby card for "The Party"

Three publicity shots (1, 2, 3) from "How to Steal an Airplane," with Pete Duel and others (don't miss the first one -- Claudine as "Bond girl"?)

Three other scenes (3, 4, 5) from "How to Steal an Airplane"

A sexy shot from the "Rat Patrol"-derived film "Massacre Harbor," plus the poster

TV shots from "Rat Patrol" (1, 2), "Combat," "The Kraft Suspense Theater," "12 O'Clock High" and "Run for Your Life"

Claudine with Michael Rennie in "The F.B.I."

A screen capture of Claudine's ponytail acting with Harrison Ford in "The F.B.I."

Claudine on the covers of TV Guide and Crawdaddy magazine

Two scans of a Billboard advertisement (B&W, color) for an upcoming "Andy Williams Show" appearance

A publicity shot, circa the debut album

Advertisements for the "White Horses," "Snow," "Shadows of the Night," "Here, There and Everywhere," "Sleep Safe and Warm" and "Broomstick Cowboy" singles

An advertisement for Colours

A promotional poster for We've Only Just Begun

The cover artwork for the "I Love How You Love Me" sheet music

A scan of a lovely autographed photo, contributed by a fan

Three photos from the Very Best of Claudine Longet booklet

The cover of "The Party" soundtrack album (Claudine is caricatured on the cover, but doesn't sing on any tracks)

Claudine and Andy on television together, circa 1965

Fan-contributed newspaper article, with a great picture of Claudine from her rare last film.

The Pitkin County courthouse, in recent times (also fan-contributed)

A frame capture from "Vinyl," a 2000 documentary about obsessive vinyl collectors.

Some fantastic 1970 photos of the Longet family available elsewhere -- for a price.

Miscellaneous photos, of unknown date/source
Claudine, during an unidentified television appearance
Claudine looking grim in an airport
Claudine, during happier days
Claudine at the peak of '60s chic, alone and with Mason Williams
Claudine looking most swank with Tom Jones
Claudine on a talk show with Arte Johnson and Cleavon Little
Claudine with skier Jean-Claude Killey
Claudine and Andy in an early newspaper photo
Claudine and Andy out and about
Claudine and Andy pose together
Claudine and Andy perched on stools
Claudine and two of her young children
Claudine and Sabich nuzzling

AP photos
Claudine and Spider Sabich in Mount Snow, Vermont at a ski meet (January, 1974)
Claudine and attorney Ron Austin (also, her future husband) arrive at the Pitkin County Courthouse during her trial (July 1, 1976)
Claudine and Andy Williams, shortly after she was sentenced (January 31, 1977)
Two pictures (1, 2) of Claudine in the exercise yard, during her brief jail term (April 22, 1977)
Claudine leaving Pitkin County Jail, accompanied by Andy Williams and son Christian (May 18, 1977)
Claudine squinting into the sun, after leaving jail (May 18, 1977, I think?)