Simple questions are my most common email (sorry, I have not gotten my hands on any recent pictures of Claudine). But below is a sample of the more general feedback which the site has received (the first nine letters are of special note, for varying reasons). If anyone recognizes his mail here and wishes it removed, just ask. Or write your own tribute to Claudine, and perhaps it will added to the page. As you can see, I haven't been contacted by Claudine herself (or even by her publicist), though at least I've received notes from a few folks who have met her. And yes, I do get the occasional hate mail, but I don't see any purpose in posting such items.

From: Janie

I remember Claudine distinctly! She was very small -- and I was a kid so she must be very petite! She has that voice you know so well as a singer -- but it really is childish and soft in real life. She was thoroughly gentle. A very attractive woman, and it's shocking to think she was about 33 or 34 then, which is how old I am now! Anyway, I am simply dying to find out whatever happened to the kids. I saw Noelle in Malibu when I was in high school and we were still friends back then, but that was around the last time I saw or heard from her. I wrote her a few letters in the last 5 years that were never returned to me but never responded to either.

[confidential material deleted] ...I sure would like to hear about Noelle and Christian. Promise me you will email me if you ever hear anything! Great website. I love Claudine's music and there certainly is something about her that makes her lovable! Good luck with more scoop and the continuation of your website!

From: Chuck

I was Andy's guitar player for many years in those days, & have photos in my personal collection of them (she's 9 months pregnant with their first of 3 kids) cavorting around Lake Mead on Caesars Palace's yacht. They were absolutely the most down-to-earth couple you could imagine. Andy once invited us (the traveling side-men) to hear Sinatra on his closing night and they sat there in the elegant showroom drinking Coors right out of the bottle. She was one of the sexiest women I'd ever met -- when she talked to you it was like she was totally involved with you, as if you were the only man in the universe (it's kinda hard to explain) -- with her seductive speaking voice and those eyes. What a package!!

We were working at Harrah's Tahoe one time around Xmas-NewYrs when she had a skiing accident -- she ran into someone on the slopes and broke her nose.... I thought she was accident-prone, maybe, but certainly not a murderer. Andy was very supportive during her trial, even though as I recall they had divorced long before the Spider Sabich incident.

BTW, Andy just couldn't get a hit in the 70's, and he tried like hell & spent a lot of money on hot producers, hot session players, all to no avail. But a great singer nonetheless, a terrific guy, and a fabulous sense of humor who loved to "hang out."

From: Eire

I lived in Aspen the time you're referring to, and worked at the sheriff's dept. I can tell you just a little about the incidents you mentioned. To the best of my knowledge, Claudine didn't go to [John Denver's] house...she went to her girlfriend's house. At least, that's where we knew to get in touch with her. I know that we had to make special arrangements in the jail because we didn't have a separate place for a female a storage closet was turned into a cell for her. Lots of people protested John's gas tanks, and Claudine may have been one of them. But after Spider's death, not many people even gave consideration to Claudine or anything she did. She was an outcast.

From: Jim name is jim wilson and i've been a claudine longet fan for a few years now...i play rock & roll in 2 bands: rollins band & mother superior...both heavy rock bands but i'm a music lover and i love all styles of music (beatles, dylan, stevie wonder, buck owens, miles davis, etc. everything that's good!)...

anyway, just wanted to say how much i dig your site...i first became aware of claudine and THAT VOICE when i saw "THE PARTY" (peter sellers is my favorite actor) the time i was working at a used record store here in hollywood and started checking out her records...i became addicted! the arrangements...the production...and the greatest renditions of some songs i never thought i'd like until i heard claudine's versions (what have they done to my song, ma/make it with you, etc.) the same time, listening to claudine has introduced me to some great songs i may not have heard otherwise (peace will come according to plan/small talk/snow, etc.)...AND not to mention, the best cover versions of BEATLES, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, etc. SHE JUST ROCKS!

i've been touring the world with rollins band for the past couple of years and my CL collection has you have any info on WHITE HORSES (was it ever on a U.S. 45, an LP or any compilation?), NOTHING TO LOSE (i found both of these tracks on a New Zealand 7" EP called "White Horses")...

also, i found in Spain "ELECTRIC MOON" in both English & Spanish sung versions! (with pic sleeves)

i just got the LITTLE PRINCE LP and Claudine reads her part of the FLOWER for about 3 and a half minutes...if you would like copies of any of this let me know and i'll send it to you...i made a CD compilation of Claudine rarities...

check out for info on my band and THANKS again for the awesome site...

From: Hal

She is, undoubtedly, an untapped musical genius. I have all her albums on CD (Japan) and am astounded at the fact A&M Records has neglected her catalog for US release.

Please contact me directly via fax or phone [numbers deleted] with any Claudine info.

Incidentally, I manage Nancy Sinatra, and have guided her comeback for the last three years. Nancy now has domestic reissues of all her 60's albums and I would like to do the same for Claudine. I spoke with Claudine's husband, Ron Austin, about the possibility of Claudine making a comeback, but it seems for now she prefers to lead a quite, private life.

From: Tom

I took a week's vacation in 1992 to assemble every piece of information, every song, every theory about CL. And months/years after that to make sense of it. Travelled to Colorado, met the daughter of the security guard who was at Starwood the night of the Sabich shooting, visited backstage at the Tropicana in Las Vegas (where the Folies Bergere troup performed when she met Andy at age 19), taught my self to play "Nothing To Lose" on guitar, visited the Museum of Broadcasting in NYC to watch the blind girl episode of Combat. Chased down Paul Williams (not the dwarf-ish songwriter, but the founder/publisher of Crawdaddy! to try to get the 2/78 issue (he didn't own the publication at that point, although he now publishes a good descendant 'zine; he referred me to U. Michigan for their collection). Went berserk trying to trace down a rumor that Claudine was going to appear/perform at a folk weekend festival in West Virginia four years ago. Looked for "Claudine Longet" on every search engine, every week, for months when I learned about the web in 1995 -- there was virtually nothing!! Observe her birthday with appropriate solemnity each January. Basically devoting my life to the woman.... I wish I could say I'd lost my job, my family and my dog in the course of my obsession, but so far nothing that exciting has occurred.

From: Mauro

So, is your name Gondola or is that a nickname? I'm so happy to have stumbled onto your website. You see, I'm a Claudine Longet fanatic. In fact, when I lived in Los Angeles, I did drag performances as Claudine Longet.

In one show, I re-created the "Look of Love" album cover, complete with white wicker chair. I lip-sync'd to "Snow" and "My Guy." I also did a Christmas show as Claudine and my friend played Andy Williams. It was a blast.

Anyway, just wanted to send my appreciation to you for your work on the Claudine website.

From: Misty

Hi. I am enjoying your Claudine Longet site. I have a 7-inch white label Warner Bros. promo which is called "Mason Williams Spots."

Side 1 lists:

1. :50 spot (Glen Campbell)
2. :50 spot (Claudine Longet)
3. :50 spot (Dick Smothers)
4. :50 spot (Tom Smothers)

Side 2:

1. :50 spot (Noel Harrison)
2. :50 spot (Pat Paulsen)
3. :50 spot (Nancy Sinatra)
4. :50 spot (Nelson Riddle)

It's the above mentioned giving a plug to The Mason Williams Album -- Claudine remarks that she recorded one of his songs "Wanderlove" which went "all the way to #1 -- in Singapore." It's rather campy -- you might want to keep an eye out for it, if you don't already have it. The background music for each of the speakers is that melodramatic chestnut "Classical Gas."

One more thing if this interests you: It's a true radio station-only 45 with locked grooves after each spot. Its record label and catalogue number are Warner Bros-Seven Arts Records PRO 283. I bought it at flea market for a dollar after sifting though a bunch of 45s. It's in pretty good shape. Glad now I picked it up.

[I asked Misty to submit the text of the plug, and she replied...]

Well, here goes:

"This is Claudine Longet and I want to tell you about a new album on Warner Brothers by Mason Williams, called The Mason Williams Phonograph Record. He's a writer on 'The Smothers Brothers Show,' and he's an extraordinary composer and lyricist. I recorded a song of his called "Wanderlove" on my first album in 1967. It skyrocketed all the way up to number one on the charts -- in Singapore. I've heard The Mason Williams Phonograph Record, and let me just say this: Singapore, watch out!" ("Classical Gas" plays in the background. She has that great accent as well, of course, while speaking her bit.)

So there you have it. I managed to pick up a copy of that very album, and found it to be sort of dull, actually. Plus he sings on it, which isn't good...Oh well, thought you'd like the "transcript" of this.

From: Bill

I wrote a major career article about the late Nick DeCaro (1938-1992) who was Claudine Longet's arranger and conductor of choice. He was also, on occasion, her singing partner and producer. The article appeared in the April 2001 issue of Record Collectors' Magazine (Japan). Among those I interviewed were Tommy LiPuma, CL's major producer. The article was accompanied by a 215-album discography for the highly prolific DeCaro. Not long after his association with Longet wound down (or came to an abrupt halt?) DeCaro became Barbra Streisand's chief record arranger in the 1970s. He also conducted/arranged/and-or produced extensively for Gordon Lightfoot, Harper's Bizarre and Chris Montez, among dozens of others. I am now writing a book about DeCaro for Japanese publication. In it I plan to go into detail about the working relationship between DeCaro and Longet.
From: Nancy

I was so happy to see the site about Claudine. I was 15 when I first heard her sing on the Andy Williams show. I have all of her LP albums..and still keep her music taped on cassettes in my vehicle. As a matter of fact, this evening, I caught a glimpse of her on an old western. 'Alias Smith & Jones"? And this prompted me to find out what has been goin on with her. (She was never convicted in the murder case, right?) I just love her voice, and would buy any cd I could find of hers. Thank you for allowing others to share your information.

By the way, I am now 53 years young, so you can see how long I have enjoyed her music!
From: Luis

Hi. Just a few letters to let you know that I'm just listening in this moment to the cuddle up CD. It's great, also the small book that's with the CD is really interesting. I remember perfectly the Party film (I'm now 43) and her acting role. Thanks for all and greetings from Barcelona (Spain).
From: Roy

I am a big fan of Claudine, as a musician and a listener. I wrote an article about her, and your web site helped me a lot.

From: Jens

I'm a huge Claudine fan for quite some time and just received the new 'Cuddle up with...' compilation (cd + LP) and i have to say they are totally brilliant. The poster that comes with the vinyl already graces my bedroom wall.
From: Michael

I'm surprised that Claudine might not be honored and flattered by your web-site tribute to her. I think your site is not only well-done, but also very respectful towards her. Who knows, perhaps she is just shyly low-key these days and so just doesn't comment.

I love listening to her recordings and can't imagine the sixties/early seventies without her as part of the soundtrack (or visual image too)!

(There is another web-site I visit from time to time dedicated to another French songstress/songwriter, Francoise Hardy. It has a complete song to greet you as you enter the site on its main page. Elsewhere, periodically complete albums are made available to hear. Check out: -- perhaps you are already familiar with this site though.)

Well, I'll end with my thanks to you for keeping this site up. It's always a pleasure to read about and "see" Claudine Longet.
From: Claudine

Hello -- I have nothing much to say, except that I enjoyed your website. You see, I was named after Claudine Longet, born in October 1967. My parents loved her, so I guess they thought it fitting to name their first child after her. It was not so easy growing up in America with such an uncommon name as Claudine, but I got over it. I didn't know much about her until I read your website -- thanks.
From: Eddie

Hi ! Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your web page... great stuff... great stuff !

I'm a Jazz Organist (yep, the old swanky Hammond), and during a tour in Europe, my guitarist got me back into Peter Sellers, so when I came back I took out "The Party", because it was actually one of the only Peter Sellers films I never got around to seeing (regretfully so, since obviously its one of his best.)

Anyway, of all of Peter Sellers leading ladies, maybe only Elke Summer could compete with her.. but in all honesty, Claudine's name and slipped out of my head... and being only 31, the only reason it was ever in there was because of the Saturday Night Live skit... whatever, your page really hipped me to things so I really appreciate it!

"Remembering Eddie Jefferson" (Berghem Records)

From: Jeanine

I was so delighted to see your web site! I have tried over the years to find the recording "Love Is Blue" by Claudine. Nothing! Finally, just lately, I have decided to try harder. I found "The Best of Claudine" and now have that, and looks like might have the other. I find it hard to believe that a disc so popular has so completely disappeared. Much to my surprise, I tuned on PBS last Saturday night and there she was on The Andy Williams show, but not singing. Just as part of his family on one of his Christmas shows. Thanks for dedicating a website to her.......she was my all time favorite.
From: Garry

Would just like to recommend a Spanish singer called Jeannette to fans of Claudine. She sounds very similar indeed with the same melody, breathy vocals and excellent instrumental backup. If you live in the US, I recommend looking for her albums in the Latin section and giving her a listen.
From: Alex

Hi. In Canada there was the replayed Enetworks showing about Claudine and Spider. I was thinking about this personality as I remember be 17 and smitten with her and Catherine deneuve in the late 70's my idea of the perfect embodiment of a french women demure,seductive soft spoken and sexy but in a classy way.So now that I am 43 years old living in the burbs with the mortgage and the three kids and the requisite SUV I felt nostalgic as it brought me back to my teenage crush on the french ladies of that period.So it was with great interest I surfed the web after the show to get a glimpse of Claudine once again. She is still as charming and I suppose prone to emotional tirades as ever I guess. Poor Spider relegated to the dustbin of history but alas we still have Andy Williams in Branson entertaining the Geritol set.
From: Scott

I was just browsing your site. A great resource for all things Claudine. I have been a fan since the mid 90's. Around '96 I did an interview with Jill Cunniff of Luscious Jackson. She and Vivian Trimble did a side project called Kostars. The last (and my favorite) song on the album was entitled "French Kiss." In the interview she explained that it was inspired by and is a bit of an homage to Caludine Longet, with lyrics inspired by events in Claudine's life..... The initial arrangement was inspired by the song "Nothing to Lose" from The Party, although the production of the song also hints at other Claudine-isms. Anyway, I wanted to pass along this information to you. If you haven't heard this song I know that you will probably enjoy it.

After learning this I went on a quest to find Longet's records: a hunt which is still ongoing, though I have found all of her a&m material which is fantastic. This search also incluses the ever elusive "Nothing to Lose." I discovered that "Nothing to Lose" was released recently on "The Mad Mad World of Soundtracks Vol 2."
From: Mike

I'm not particularly obsessed with Ms. Longet's life, but I do have a story to relate.

Around 1990, I met an attractive brunette (a couple years older than me) and became friends with her. I was almost 30 at the time and had known about the whole Andy Williams - Spider Sabich thing back when it happened, and I suppose, retained a memory of it, and a ghost of my youthful attraction for a certain brunette (!) from 15 years before, because one day I was visiting this lady and she showed me some 70's pictures of herself, and I remarked - "oh, you look like Claudine Longet." Not trying to be flattering - she really did! She asked me an odd question at that point: "Do you know Mason Williams?" She produced an old humor paperback, "The Mason Williams Reading Matter," put out by Williams in his heyday, and there inside was a photo of Claudine Longet - and some lyrics ("Wanderlove"). (I gather that he was somehow friends with Claudine, you have one shot of her hanging out with him on the site, and letter writers allude to his having her sing on his first album.) All told, a weird kind of synchronicity.

I probably would have never written this, but it was during a rare listen to a more recent Mason Wiliams recording with Mannheim Steamroller that I happened upon the link to YOUR site on a site I just discovered today ( It seems that Claudine continues to exert a certain influence! Oh, the paperback was given to me by that girl I knew more than a decade ago, but I'm holding it right now and I am reminded that it was a withdrawn book from the Long Beach Public Library. As I live in Maryland, I can only imagine what that means as far as my next Claudine encounter. Oh wait - just read another letter saying Claudine was at Bobby Kennedy's funeral, and Bobby Kennedy's daughter is running for governor here.. sheesh.
From: S.

I love Claudine. I was introduced to her at an early age (4). It was the last album my mother would buy, before her death of a stroke at 35. I recently came across the album, and played it again. I subsequently ordered the cd. I played the cd at work today for the entire day. I played Love Is Blue on repeat for about 4 hours straight. It drove my co-workers crazy. But they also said they would like to hear other stuff by Claudine. I will get other cds. My mother also had her debut record, so I will probably get that one, if I can find it.
From: Maria (regarding a PBS show of highlights from Andy Williams Christmas specials)

There is a video of Andy Williams Christmas Show available for purchase through KCET. Also, you might watch KOCE, the Orange County PBS station, for a rerun of the show. They always have the same stuff. Meanwhile, on that show Claudine didn't speak, she just sang with the rest of the family. There was a sleigh scene in which they placed his brothers in the front seat beside Andy, and Claudine was sitting in the back seat BEHIND Andy whereby she had to lean out occasionally to be seen. I thought that was poor planning and that a wife belonged sitting beside her husband! Later in the show, she was sitting beside him with her daughter in her lap. They were wearing matching dresses with white Peter Pan collars. Very effective -- that French schoolgirl look! No wonder he fell in love with her! In retrospect, I wish there were videos made in that era. What fun it would be to have videos of her singing all her songs, wouldn't it? In fact, I think if she had videos to help promote her songs at that time, her career would have taken off big-time. That's because I think her charms would have sold her songs. She is more visual than auditory, don't you think?
From: Claudine

My name is Claudine. Claudine Neumann at birth and as you can imagine I was named after Claudine Longet. The time was 1968 and my father saw her appear on the screen with her name below her while attending Bobby Kennedy's funeral. I was to be named Kelly up until that point. As a child and young adult, I hated the name Claudine, because it was so different and formal. I was called Dina my whole life, except for formal occassions or when my mother or father were mad at me. As I have gotten older and developed an obsession with Paris, I have started looking into my name (since I knew it was French) and find out who this woman is that I was named after. Obviously I knew a little about the shooting incident, but beyond that I had never even seen a picture of her until A&E's coverage on the shooting a few weeks ago. Needless to say, I am now obsessed with everything and anything to do with Claudine. It's quite amazing how many numerous qualities we share regarding looks, size, temperment, acting, etc.... I am very grateful to have found your website in my continuing journey on how I came to be called Claudine in hopes of making some sense out of my journey here on earth.
From: Gary

Nice assembly of Longet materials, lots of work there, Thanks. I have six original LP's of hers I purchased new in the 60's, but I don't use the turntable anymore. Someday I shall round up the import CD's so her lovely voice can again be known to me.
From: Robert

Claudine Longet rools, dude! I remember the first time I saw her on the Andy Williams show, I was amazed at how beautiful she was. Her voice was fun, in a soothing way, and she had a great sense of humor (willing to mock herself). Needless to say, I have all her albums (as far as I know), except for a recent one I just found out about (picture of a kid standing in flowers on the cover, not her). Anyway, that's my thoughts of the day.
From: Patrick

I just got a CD by a new French singer named Coralie Clement (at least I think she's new), who reminds me of Claudine. Her album "Salle Des Pas Perdus" is a 2001 release on Capitol (France). If you are in the US, you can get it from (they also have the upcoming re-re-reissues of Claudine's A&M discs listed on their site).

Thanks for keeping the page up and running -- every time I surf back, I get a chuckle from some of your narrative...
From: Gayle

Thanks for your great website! I was just watching the KCET Christmas Specials with Andy Williams and saw Claudine holding her beautiful children -- so many years ago! And I wondered what would happen if I Googled Claudine. I got your website! What a pleasant surprise! I was hoping for a current photo of Claudine. Certainly, she has to come out of her house sometime!! Can't the tabloids get a photo of her shopping or something? After all, they photographed Doris Day with dogfood in the parking lot of a market in Aspen.

Anyway, all I can add is what I heard second-hand about Claudine in those great 70s. She was the talk of Malibu when living there while married to Andy. It seems that people considered her a nymphomaniac! But perhaps she was just being French! Also, when I was in P.R. at St. Joseph's Hospital, she had her babies there. The nurses said she ran up and down the halls barefoot, filled with energy as if she had simply not given birth! A sturdy one, she! Also, some studio workers (NBC) said that Andy was major in love with her and would always love her.

Again, thanks for the wonderful website and I think I will stock up on some CDs. "Would you like one of my tangerines? You know I'll never treat you mean ..."
From: DZych

Well, Claudine will turn 60 in January and it seem pretty obvious that she will remain in seclusion. Does she have any idea of her current fan base and how much we'd all love to see her and encourage her, and just give her our support? Seems like after all she's been through, some loving support would be just the thing for her, unless she's using other things to keep her from reaching out. The whole scenario is a downer; I guess I just hope she's happy.
From: Dan

Cool web site! I was just listening to an 8-track tape of her "Claudine" album. The only one I have ever seen. She did have a unique voice! Thanks.
From: Michael

I always thought that the whole world was in love with Claudine Longet. . . if Xena the Warrior Princess had been born a French hippie Flower Child in the 1960's we might have some idea of Claudine Longet. She made beautiful poetic sad/happy music. I'm disappointed that my LP's are scratchy for wear and hope the music is preserved pristine on CD for the future. I'm glad for the Varese Sarabande CD and hope there are more to come. If Marianne Faithful can still put out great music, there's no reason Claudine shouldn't. C'mon Claudine, make the world a little happier!!!
From: NC

Well, this site is a hoot. You're to be commended for all your hard work! You may already know this, but if you go to Glen Campbell's website, there are a number of audio clips-radio interviews, early recordings, etc. Amidst all of the above, there are some promo clips for "The Mason Williams Phonograph Record". Claudine does one of them. Check it out, and keep up the good work.
From: Wolfgang


Every now and then, I have a look at your wonderful site. It's really well done, thanks once again.

Did you know that Claudine's vocal version of "Nothing to Lose" has finally been released on a CD? It's a compilation by two germans with the title "The Mad Mad World of Soundtracks", released a few weeks ago on Universal Jazz Germany, Catalogue number 520 942-2. The song sounds brilliant!
From: Sean

I came across your website regarding Claudine Longet quite by accident and enjoyed reading it. I remember her role in McHale's Navy and seeing her in Hogan's Heroes. Your site holds quite a bit of information. I remember the shooting incident even more clearly as it was big news. Andy Williams came flying to be at Claudine's side and that made headlines. From what I remember, everybody thought that it was first degree murder and that Andy's influence and money had a great deal to do with her being found only guilty of negligence. After the Jon Bonet Ramsey murder case, I don't think that the police or the district attorneys in Colorado could prosecute a speeding violation ticket successfully if the defendant has a good lawyer.

Personally, from what I recall, I thought she was guilty... I feel O J Simpson is guilty too but we know where that ended up. I give you credit for supporting someone who you believe in as it appears that most folks shunned Claudine as nothing else seems to have been heard about her other than this shooting incident.
From: Chris

andy williams is barely remembered...whatever you said. I'm a boomer, circa '55, and remember excruciating hours in front of the toob having to squeeze out what few sparks there might have been on the andy williams show.... not to mention the dean martin show, at least he came out on stage with a drink and smoke in hand, just like the neighbor lawyer always had in hand, where I first saw color tv in a home setting, along with messr. crooner williams.


was watching the old 1965 flick Obsession with Cliff Robertson and NOT claudine longet - couldn't remember her name! - but Genevieve Bujold - and was just convinced all a sudden that Genevieve was the infamous Claudine!

if you wanta look at what the ultimate french sex kitten is, take a look at the Brigitte Bardot flix from the Roger Vadim era, late 50s to early 70s, what an amazing trip, and now I know how Jane Fonda was created..... not on no "golden pond"!
From: Michael

you did some nice work on the claudine site, congrats
that's just to tell you that we, in watoo watoo, like her music a lot & that we may have similarities w/ what she's done (that's what i think & what i've been told sometimes)
it's probably because of pascale's soft voice w/ a french accent
you can come & listen to our songs on our site
also, you could listen to our songs 'gold mine' & 'golden castle', that sound quite bossa (these ones are at

thanks again for your nice work on the Claudine site!

Watoo Watoo Homepage
From: Micah

Hi Claudine.....
I'm hoping that you visit this fabulous site, and just maybe, reply to some senders.
I have most of your vinyl, and a bunch of cd's...and...would travel the world, to meet you, for an espresso.
Or even just receive an e-letter of some sort...luv U....

[Note from the webmaster: I can't stress enough that Claudine Longet herself has nothing to do with this site...I have never been contacted by her, or anyone directly in contact with her.]
From: Ron

I found your site (actually the Google search engine did) after seeing CL on a McHale's Navy marathon on TV Land.

I am 55 and when I drive my restored 1966 Chevy Corvair Corsa Convertible with her music transmitted from my player located in my trunk to my FM radio and my arm around my wife of 34 years, it is a bit of heaven all over again.

Someone should hire Bo Deitl or some other private investigator to get some photos of CL. I would LOVE to see her now. Actually, maybe it is better to look at the photos on my LP's.
From: Dave

Just a note of thanks for the Claudine page. Makes me glad Algore invented the internet.
From: Micah

Thanks for the fabulous tour, Claudine is probably the sexiest, most intriguing human being ever...and I am concerned that I might be obsessed with an almost fictional dreamboat. I saw "The Party" again, and this time fell in love with her...innocence. I wonder how her life is now? At 60.
From: Makis

Your site about Claudine Longet was fantastic!!!

I just wanted to mention that a Greek indie pop band named the Crooner has a song called 'Whatever Happened to Claudine Longet?'.

You can

pop art label

and at this happy feeling label

Keep up the good work!
From: Ken

First of all I'd like to thank you so much for the great Claudine Longet website. Your website really helps me getting to know more about this 60s-70s singer. As I live in Japan I had already heard some of her cds at various record shops. I really liked her songs but never really got into her music until very lately.

I'm a big fan of Saint Etienne and I have developed a greater interest in Claudine since the band has covered "I don't intend to spend christmas" for a fanclub EP.

So anyway, I recently decided to find some Japanese Claudine records and found some interesting releases. First of all, when I bought the "Claudine" cd re-edition, I noticed the inner sleeve text mentioned that she had sung two songs in Japanese. One of them is called "Ehon no naka de" (which I translate as: Within a Picture Book) written by some Japanese musician called Hashimoto. The reviewer said he'd love to see these songs re-edited onto CD. So I guess that for now these songs are not available anywhere yet except, maybe on some old Japanese vinyls.

In addition, I once went to this record shop in Tokyo which specializes in old second hand vinyls. I found this Claudine Longet "Bonsoir, Bonsoir, Bonsoir" Japanese 12" with a unique artwork. I remember the back cover had pictures of Claudine at some tv/radio interview conference (pictures probably shot in Japan). The same shop also had a Japanese gatefold 7" with four songs from Claudine including Both Sides and Love Is Blue. I forgot the title though and I think the cover picture was similar to one of her albums.

Do you know if there were a lot of these Japanese editions released at the time? It seems that she was pretty popular in Japan at the time.
From: Ted

When I was in high school in the late 60's, I started listening to Claudine Longet on pre-recorded cassettes. I was hooked and have been a fan of hers ever since. Subsequently, her albums on A&M were released on LP and reel-to-reel tape. I have 2 or 3 albums of hers (LP) and just today found an old reel-to-reel pre-recorded tape of THE LOOK OF LOVE at the local Goodwill...sad! I had recorded the best songs off the LPs some time back and so, I transcribed some of that material and some of the material found on the pre-recorded reel-to-reel tape to CD-R media. Sounds surprisingly good! I think I had a crush on her as well. I listened to those pre-recorded cassettes over and over again on a NORELCO CARRY CORDER, the first cassette recorder introduced in this country by PHILIPS, the holder on the patent for the audio cassette.
From: Terri

I'm a Claudine Longet fan from way back -- bought all her records at the time -- so thought you'd like to know her music is available on Napster, the only place I thought I could get it until I read your news about the new CD....

Longet is the most adorable creature.... When I was a teenager I wanted to look just like her, sound like her (good luck; I'm from Oklahoma), dress like her (that I could do), and thought, at the time, her marriage to Andy Williams was the coolest thing.

I'll bet she's still beautiful... French woman become terribly elegant as they age.

Thanks for the website....
From: Makato

Claudine has been my secret crush since 1988, when I was eighteen. I heard "It's Hard To Say Goodbye (written by Roger Nicoles and Paul Williams)" in an A&M omnibus album. Soon I saw her picture. Embarrassing to tell but she had everything I dream of about a woman. Like every other fan of her, I also want to believe the kill was an accident. I know a crime is a crime but it never can shadow her talent, with elegance and gentleness.
From: Rick

Really have enjoyed your web page "Cuddle up With Claudine." I stop by periodically to check her out!

I have almost completed my Claudine Collection (with your help). I now have all of the available CD's except Love in Blue (which is on order). Most of them I have gotten thru your site. I also have Run Wild Run Free from a rip of a pristine vinyl. I have all the old vinyl LP's, but they are not in very good shape.

I am looking for "A Flea in Her Ear," "Shadows of Night" and "Nothing to Lose" on 45 or MP3.

Have you considered being a trading point for sales of Claudine material, LP's, CD's, MP3's and such. Don't know if there is much interest, but I for one have spent a lot of money on Claudine over the past! Also a listing of Claudine fans email addresses would be nice. I have used the bulletin board at iMusic, but it is not very active. Have you considered doing a bulletin board at your site?

Anyhow, really enjoy your site. Keep it up!
From: Bob

Thanks for your site. Claudine was my first crush at 8 in at 40 I want to get a CD or two of hers. Thanks for the info on how to get them. I fondly remember Love Is Blue from back then and will soon be ordering the import....
From: Jim

good for you; great to see that not everyone has forgotten Claudine. i'm a big fan from the 60's and have all the vinyl. good to see that there is finally a domestic best of collection; but doesn't cover the earlier good stuff. i'll work myself up to the japanese collection that includes the never before released LP. keep up the good work.
From: Peter

thanks for your excellent web page on the unforgettable's informative and cant ask 4 much more.

I want to get a copy of the version Claudine sang of the 'Rosemary's Baby' theme...but it looks like its not on the CD...shucks!...cant even remember what it was called...i had to go to the music archive at The British Museum 2 hear it.

Anyway thankyou for your excellent site....(Andy Williams is a star again here in England...a little piece of trivia) I loved hearing Claudine's version of Jealous Guy...they really dont make them like Claudine Longet anymore!

Bye and thankyou
From: Richard

I can't believe it! I have found Claudine again after 25 years. I have always loved her very "distinct" voice and style. Thanks for the site and the links to buy her music. My home will sing again.
From: Ulfert

Nice website on Claudine Longet. Good job! Never thought there would exist such a site.

As a Mason Williams addict I can write that 'La chanson de Claudine' is on Mason Williams' 'Music' LP and is a tribute to her. Mason joined Claudine and Andy Williams on a trip to Paris when he offered this song to her for her birhday (I think...).
From: Elise

I live too far away in New Zealand for you to even think about sending me a CD, but I would just like to congratulate you on maintaining this site. I regularly visit it to see the latest! Thirty years ago, when I was 15, I was (and still am) a great fan. I even wrote to her and she sent back a signed picture by air-mail. The postage cost over $1.00 at the time when $1.00 was huge! I think the saddest thing about her story is the fact that I believe she had talent, personality and potential that was not fully utilised, especially on the screen. I am therefore very pleased to hear that she has been discovered musically by current easy-listening fans.

Her invisibilty for decades has sort of turned her into a French Garbo. What would be great is if she would grant you an interview to discuss her life's work, philosophy etc. By accessing your web site, she should see that you are not interested in the Spider scandal, but are a great fan.

If you have an opportunity, try to listen to a CD album by a New Zealand artist called Bic Runga, called Drive.

Once again, keep up the good work!
From: David

Hi, a friend just tipped me off to the Claudine web site, and we are both thrilled: over the past few months, we've been staging our own Claudine revival in our living rooms and on our stereos. It seems that independently, as usual, great minds are thinking alike.

Thanks, and keep on cuddling with Claudine!
From: Sharon

Hi I tell you why i love Claudine, she is beautiful and i love her sing, And I don't like every one think she ment to kill Spider Sable I love all the thing she does there noting she can do wronge I am happy to see that she got some one that love her very much I am getting all her cd I just wish you could get then here I have all her L.P and now i am working on her CDS.and i have the movies the Party I just wish she would do more CD and movies And I just wish that her and Andy would never got a divorce
From: Carmie

Thank-you so much for your site. I can say without reserve that she is my all-time favorite artist. A fellow who worked at a record store made a Best of Claudine tape 10 years ago in an effort to woo a friend of mine. Well, the relationship failed but I have loved her since. We are expecting our first child in July and I am preparing a Claudine Mix for the occasion.

I really, really enjoy your site. Thanks again.
From: Sam

Hi, my name is Sam Novak. I'm running here in Switzerland a little record shop and i'm a devoted follower of Claudine Longet since a longtime. Due to the promotional sheet of Varese I found out about your webside. It's really great, surprising facts (here in Europe Claudine seems to be really unknown), a lot of things i didnt know. All in all i was inspired to write something about her on the webpage of our shop. I put there also a link to your page. I hope u like it!
From: Ken

I am fascinated by your site. I love how you tie her to bands like the G. Fibbers and Stereolab. I decided to look into her this morning while listening to Andy Williams. At 33, I'm listening less and less to alternative bands and more and more A.W. I'm been buying up all his old albums. He sings english like a romance language. And those songs are just so great. I would like to too see him before he stops performing, but not if it means going anywhere near Branson, Mo.
From: Dr. Amin José Irabi






(the translation of thise-mail was made in a program of translating computer of languages)
From: Claudine

I just wanted to send you a quick note to compliment you on a VERY well-done web site. I was born in 1970 and my parents named me Claudine after the beautiful Claudine Longet. Throughout my entire life, I can't tell you how many people have said to me "Oh, Claudine. Like Claudine Longet. The actress who killed Spider Sabich, the famous skier. Whatever happened to her?"

I figured it was time to find out about Claudine Longet whose name was mentioned to me AGAIN last week when I went to the optometrist. I knew close to NOTHING about Claudine Longet until I came across your web site this evening. Well...thanks to you, now I know! I found your site to be very thorough and interesting to read. I also loved all of the links you've added relating to Claudine. Amazing. Thanks for the great information!
From: Ron

Hi, Ohmygod, I accidentally got to this place, after a few years of not hearing Claudine, I don't have any of her recordings now, except in my memory, "think of rain then maybe you have to smile/think of rain maybe then you can forgive me/I'd want you to forgive me...." Love it.

After someone reminding me of her today, I wrote this poem....

I SHALL DREAM OF YOU (Je Reverai de Vous)

She wanting pampering, as Paris could,
but did not speak too much he understood,
she should not tell him of her lingerie,
that special purchase only made today,
but if he asked, she knew she surely would;

twas window-shopping, when she caught his eye,
she with a friend, he with someone nearby,
and how they joined, so natural it did seem,
in conversation, wanting more to dream,
and spend the night in time they knew would fly;

the eve, la glace down by the Seine,
the strolling on, the stopping now and then,
a secret hideaway there was to find,
seclusion from the world they put behind,
watching the light of where the sun had been;

her French no better than his Texas drawl,
oh how they laughed, but understood it all,
decisions of the night were hers to make,
possession of her heart was his to take;
as if the Seine had backed them to the wall;

there is a café, near Rue St. Germaine,
le pianost sets the mood, a coffee stain
upon the minds of lovers dancing late,
who know goodby is something that must wait,
or better yet, to just avoid the pain;
but morning comes so soon, this much is true,
and dances all must end, as they will do,
his words, thus spoken, and she understood,
remembering each word, just as she should,
"and I shall dream -- Je reverai de vous."
1999 ron wilson

Of course this is not Claudine, just someone I use to illustrate my poetry. As beautiful as Claudine, though...
From: William

Great site on a true original "talent." Is the "Rosemary's Baby" on the flip side of single "It's Hard to Say Goodbye" the lullaby theme from the film "Rosemary's Baby"? Do you have this single? Is is available anywhere? It is one of my favorite melodies. Would love to hear it get the Claudine treatment. Keep up the good work. My fondest Claudine musical fantasy is to hear a Claudine version of Doris Day's ultra-classic "Be My Little Baby Bumble Bee." So sweet and cute that would be. Someday. The comeback. Hopefully.
From: Garry

I was really pleased to find your website. It is truly excellent and informative. I live in Glasgow, Scotland and am a great fan of Claudine Longet.

I have most of her LPs that I found in the States and also have a rare single recording. On Janus Records and made in England, it is the 1974 single WHO BROKE YOUR HEART (And made you write that song). The B-side is GOODBYE JIMMY GOODBYE. (6146 028).

My only question is why someone so talented has not ventured into the studio again. This is a real shame. Do any of her children follow in her footsteps? And are there recent photos of her?

In the absence of any new Claudine Longet material, I can recommend some other artists of a similar romantic genre:

ART SULLIVAN. He is a little known French speaking Belgian singer that has an equally soft and emotional sound. "Ensemble" was his big Euro hit in the early seventies, but although he made many better songs into the eighties, they rarely charted.

COLIN BLUNSTONE. He is English. Again, a soft, melodic voice. His album Echo Bridge is available in the States.

VICKY LEANDROS. I'm off to see her in concert in Berlin. I'm a big fan. She won the Euro Song Contest in 1972 with "Apres Toi," (redone in English, "Come What May") and even had a couple of albums released stateside. She is multi-lingual, has had hits in French Canada, but mostly releases recordings in Greek and German. Very talented and sophisticated. She is where Claudine could be now as she is only about 10 years younger.
From: Tradivoro

Hey, this is great having a page for Claudine Longet.... I had dug up the first album of Longet which I had not listened to in a while and was thinking of transferring over to CD... Unfortunately, it is so scratched, that although it doesn't skip, you really can't salvage it much with today's technology... anyway, it started me thinking, gee, did anybody else like Claudine Longet singing??? Or was I one of the only fools?? Anyway, I'm glad that there were other people that thought she had a great voice... I've lost other albums of her over the years... The first one is the only one I have left... Thanks for the Web page...
From: Mabry

Hi... I too loved Claudine but I hadn't thought of her in a long time until I was looking at some sites of old albums to sell. That led me to search Altavista which led me to your site.

Thanks for the site! A lovely lady with a delicious voice. Maybe I'll pull out my LPs (no, they aren't for sale!). The pictures of her were very sexy on some of them, but esp. We've Only Just Begun!

I ran across this page which lists FEAR OF HIGH PLACES: Claudine Longet, Robert Webber.

I don't know this one, nor is it on your page or IMDB. I thought I'd let you know about it in case you wanted to look into it.

I've only been to Aspen a few times, but I would love to run across her and have a chat, if only to tell her how much I loved her style.
From: SFreed

My mother is a huge fan of Claudine's. I've searched everywhere for more information on her and this is the only thing I've found. Great to see!
From: Eric

it's great to have news about claudine, who I did not really know, though i regularly play at my radio show in Lyon-france called "la spirale" one of her tune i have on a yellow vynil compilation from a&m (i think). I sometimes dj in a bar playing easypopjazzfunkgroovesrock&bigbeat and often play this claudine tune with sitar & big orchestration (and some of the rolling stones as well). If you have any infos about vynil records of longet, don't hesitate to mail.
From: Nathan

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

About two years ago I found "Claudine" at a thrift shop, i recognized her from "The Party" so I picked up the album. While picking through some more stuff the record fell out of the cover and a small piece broke off, meaning that the first song on both sides gone. I could have nonchalantly put the 99 cent record back on the shelf and be done with it, but curiousity drove me to buy the album, even in its less than perfect condition. Needless to say I was rewarded. Now thanks to your website I have the whole story (so far?). I picked up the next two albums just a few months ago in the bottom of some dusty flea market. I thought I had the whole collection until I went through your discography and found FIVE others. Anyway this note is probably getting too long so...

P.S. Your point about Claudine being virtually ignored/disowned by the music industry is a good one. Have you thought about trying to get an interview?
From: Fred & Doris

Thanks for the biography of Claudine. She has been one of our favorite singers (although we are not heavy into singers. We graduated from high school in '63, so we were around in the Andy Williams and Claudine eras.

Lot of information in it that we had not heard before (and hadn't looked for). Any sources of information on Claudine's early childhood?

Thanks for the great web page.
From: Bradley

Just wanted to let you know that I came across your great website today and had to write you. I've been a huge fan of hers since the early 70's, when my parents would play an A&M Christmas compilation that included Claudine's "Snow." Something about that song had always enchanted me and as I got older I sought out her other work. One quick question for you. Is there any information on what she's doing today? I wonder if she is aware of your website? I'm a screenwriter currently residing in the Dallas area and am working on a children's book based loosely on the "Snow" song. One of the main characters is even named Claudine. Anyway, thanks again for the groovy site and I look forward to hearing from you.
From: Noah

Oh my God! What a great website! I've only just begun looking at it, but I knew I needed to write immediately. I fell in love with Longet the first time I've watched the Party. SHE'S AMAZING. I love the records. I can't believe there's been a collected CD, I have to track that down....

Maybe this is answered further on the website, but have you ever tracked down any of her tv appearances? I'd love to be able to see some of those. Is she still living? How long did she spend in prison? I'll look at the rest of the website before I ask anymore stupid questions...

Thanks for the website!
From: Michael

It's frightening to think that I know this bit of trivia, but there is an error in the article by Randy Reeves, under your Biography section. Mr. Reeves states that Claudine Longet was showcased on an episode of NBC's "Run for Your Life" in the 1965-66 television season, singing the song "Meditation.", (a song written by Antonio Carlos Jobim). Actually the song featured in that episode (and performed beautifully by Claudine Longet) was "How insensitive (Insensatez), also by Jobim. Claudine recorded that song on her "Look of Love" album.

I don't know how you would go about verifying this fact, but I swear it's true. I have a very clear recollection of that episode (even though it's been over 30 years and I was only 15 years old at the time). Run for Your Life was my absolute favorite television show at the time, and the episode with Claudine Longet, was by far the best episode of the series. It was entitled: "The word would be goodbye", Episode 2.30 [60], which first aired April 22, 1967.
From: Patrick

Thanks for the Claudine page -- I was thrilled to find some information about her, a truly underappreciated great!

Some comments:

The Julee Cruise album "Floating Into The Night" from the 80's (much of her music was featured in the Twin Peaks TV series) sounded alot like Claudine to me.

There is a Japanese singer named, Kahimi Karie, who sounds eerily like Claudine. She is set to release her first American album on September 8th on Minty Fresh records. There doesn't seem to be much info about her available on the net yet.

Dare we hope for a Claudine Longet comeback?
From: pggertenbach

Thank you so much for putting this together!! I have been a fan since her first appearance on "Run For Your Life." I had picked up a few of the CD's to replace well worn LP's, but until finding your site was unable to locate a source for the "Best of" duo. Best of luck expanding and maintaining the site. I was pleased to learn that she is happily married in Aspen. I ski there once in a while, so just perhaps I may get a glimpse of her some day on the slopes!
From: K.S.

My name is K.S. Thomas and I have been a fan since I was 10 years old. I totally believe the shooting was an accident. I treasure each oppertunity that I get to see Ms. Longet on TV and movie re-runs. I wish the music industry would give Ms. Longet, the credit she deserves! If the webmaster or any other fans have any information on a fan club or an address where Ms. Longet can receive fan mail, please contact me @ this E-Mail
From: Ismar

I am an inconditional brazilian fan of Claudine Longet since I saw her singing NOTHING TO LOOSE in THE PARTY.

I just want to thank you for the wonderful job you are doing, and, to say that without you, I could never have as much Claudine material if you woren't in the web.

By the by, do you know where I can find Claudine's Autograph Address? I know she lives in Aspen with her actual husband....
From: Mark

You really pissed me off by beating me to the punch with a Claudine site (I'm a fan from '91) but goddamn if you didn't do a wonderful job. I've managed to track down all the LPs (what a shame she's not on The Party soundtrack!) but your info on the CDs was great. Thanks so much for your great (and respectful) site.

If you don't have this info already, there were Claudine articles in the recent fanzines Slop Hut and Girlyhead. The Muffs used the "Colours" portrait for their 1992 T-shirts.

I did some research on the Sabich trial back in '93 (for a mag I used to do called Pussycat) from the London Times of 1976. Lots of great pix from the trial if you check out your local microfiche library. I tried to get in touch with her for an interview back then, but of course her number was unlisted. I did, however, send all four issues of the mag to "Claudine Longet, Aspen, CO" and they were never returned to sender....

Feel free to check out my site It's my first effort and is definitely NOT ready for public consumption (you'll see!) but give me a couple of weeks and you might find some interesting stuff. It's mainly to sell all these '70s movie posters & stills I have but it will include items on blaxploitation, 60s-70s starlets and soundtracks in the future.

Continued luck with your site and please DON'T QUIT!
From: Dave

Hey just wanted to say thanks for this great site!!!

I love Claudine & have been searching for info on her.

I have most of her albums on vinyl & her first one on CD.

My roommate & I thought the exact same thing about the Mono single!!!

The only other news I have is the band the Muffs used the picture of Claudine from the cover of the Colours album on a t-shirt. They slightly changed the photo by making claudine lavender and in the pendant she is wearing they put in a very gothic looking spider (hmmm.... spider, I wonder if there is double meaning there??)

Also Nickelodeon has in the past played the Andy Williams christmas special around christmas time, the last time I caught it it was one w/ Claudine.

Again thanks for the site.
From: Robert

Wow, never thought I would find this website. Haven't thought about Claudine Longet since I was a teenager in the 60's. Thanks.
From: John

I can't tell you how great it is to find a Claudine web site! It's wonderful to know where I can find a copy of that Nick Decaro record...As for additional info, you might be interested to know that there is a prominent indiepop band in Washington DC named Claudine...they have played at major clubs in the area and will soon release a seven-inch single. It's light, 60's inspired pop...and there is the track on the Mason Williams lp "Music" called "Chanson de Claudine" (I think) that was co-written by Claudine (again, I think...) Anyway, great job!...
From: Rod

Wow! I have been searching for the album, "Claudine", for decades! I had it back in the sixties, but lost it in a moving accident. Thanks for the information, I just ordered the album from Music Boulevard. I can still hear the words of the song, "Hello, Hello." "...would you like some of my tangerine, you know I'll never treat you mean...."

From: Pea

Oh my god thank you *so much* for this website!!!!

it somes as somthing of a coincidence that i just happened to be in the process of compiling my own "best of Claudine" CD (by using vinyl restoration software on my computer). Only- now i know which albums I'm missing. I have 5 of the 7, and previously had thought she only record 6 albums. Sigh... but I guess that simply means there's *more* Claudine out there to look for!!! YAY!!

My band, Optiganally Yours, has been meaning to do some kind of Claudine tribute for a long time... hopefully we'll get around to doing it on our next album...

thanks again!!!!