Love Is Blue (A&M SP 4142, released April 1968) [4/97: reissued in Japan, A&M POCM-1941]
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1. Falling in Love Again (Can't Help It)* 3:00 (from the film "Blue Angel") (Fredrick Hollander)
2. Happy Talk (from "South Pacific") 2:57 (Rodgers-Hammerstein II)
3. Love Is Blue (L'Amour Est Bleu) 2:41 (Eng. Lyric: Blackburn-French Lyric: Cour-Music by A. Popp) [single reached #71]
4. Holiday 2:55 (Barry Gibb-Robin Gibb)
5. Dindi (Jin-Jee) 2:30 (Jobim-Gilbert-Portugese Lyric: Louie Oliviera)
6. Who Needs You* 3:00 (Stillman-Allen)

1. When I Look in Your Eyes (from the 20th Century-Fox film "Dr. Doolittle") 2:17 (Leslie Bricusse)
2. Walk in the Park* 2:27 (W. Sievers)
3. Small Talk* 2:16 (Bonner-Gordon)
4. Snow 2:41 (Randy Newman) [single reached #30]
5. It's Hard to Say Goodbye 3:05 (R. Nichols-P. Williams)

*Male voice - Tommy LiPuma

Producer: Tommy LiPuma
Arranger: Nick DeCaro
Children's voices directed by Jimmy Joyce
Recording Engineer: Henry Lewy
Mixing Engineer: Ray Gerhardt

Liner notes, by Derek Taylor:
Slender tender clever, brighteyed young and fine,
To Vegas Claudine Longet came, arriving just in time
To Dance, to act, to be -- to shine.
Schooled in ballet, drama-trained, she worked until
Her car broke down. "Hello," said Andy Williams,
Passing by. "Pardon?" said Miss Longet. "Help have I,"
Said Andy, and in a little while, the car was fixed
And the two were wed and then, and by and by,
     two children came
And Claudine said, "Bye Bye" -- farewell to
     footlights, arclights, fame.
Well, "au revoir" was what she meant, for in a
     year or so
She sang a song on Channel Four and Alpert said, "Hello!
"There's magic there -- and honesty;
"We'll sign her, seal her, albums make."
Thrice one LPs there are by now -- this one is
     Number Three;
A lovely thing -- a joy to hold, to hear, to know, to see.
Slender, tender, clever -- still brighteyed young and fine,
Claudine's here for ever now. She's Andy's, yours
     -- and mine.
Snow/I Don't Want to Spend Christmas Without You (A&M 895)
Love Is Blue/Think of Rain (A&M 909)
Nothing to Lose/White Horses (A&M 936)
It's Hard to Say Goodbye/Sleep Safe and Warm (A&M 954)
Who Needs You/Walk in the Park (A&M 967)

Album's peak Billboard position: #29

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