A Claudine-devoted blog that's far more obsessive about digging for Longet pictures than I'll ever be.

Another Longet-focused blog. this one apparently abandoned.

Scans of People's 1977 cover story on her post-trial life. Don't miss this.

A solid recap of the Sabich shooting and resulting trial from the British edition of GQ.

A lengthy article about the Spider Sabich shooting.

Claudine's entry in the All-Music Guide.

Claudine's Wikipedia entry.

Her ArtistDirect card.

The rdkRecords label has a nifty site devoted to its reissue of the 1975 Little Prince album, featuring Claudine.

A Harry Nilsson website has a brief page about Claudine.

Search the A&M Corner Forum for posts relating to Claudine.

A short profile at the Who2 site, plus a few links.

Another short profile of Claudine.

Join the Claudine Longet mailing list (not launched by me). Over 90 lucky subscribers have climbed aboard. Including plenty of spammers who never get removed because the list's anonymous moderator is 100% AWOL.

A MySpace page (not launched by me, incidentally) for Longet. Also a good place to grab a "Nothing to Lose" mp3.


An articulate amateur reviewer gives his take on Longet.

Atomic Magazine reviews The Look of Love.

Some collected reviews of "The Party."

More reviews of "The Party," from visitors to the Internet Movie Database.

And one more (oops).

Amazon customers review "The Party," Claudine, The Look of Love, Colours and the anthologies on A&M and Varèse.

Amazon customers include Claudine discs on some personal recommendation lists.

Another review of the recent Varèse compilation.

A thrift-shopper's informal review of The Look of Love.

A French review of the Cuddle Up compilation. Here is Google's attempt at a translation.

Audio/Video Clips

The original theater trailer for "The Party."

Claudine's legendary singing scene from "The Party."

Great clip of Claudine singing "Thank You Baby" from one of Andy's Xmas specials.

Don't miss this variety-show clip of Claudine and Andy singing "Silent Night."

YouTube has uploads of Longet's rare Japanese tracks "Ehon No Naka De" and "Itsuki No Komori Uta."

Yet another blogger posts some Longet comments and MP3s.

A soundclip of the Kostars' "French Kiss," a song reportedly inspired by Claudine (check the affected lisp).

Mason Williams wrote "La Chanson de Claudine" for Claudine. He recorded it by himself and, later, with Mannheim Steamroller.

The lyrics, a Real Audio clip and a review of "Claudine," an unreleased Longet parody which the Rolling Stones recorded in 1978.

Photographs & Drawings

A sizeable scan of the Claudine sleeve, plus The Look of Love.

A large scan of the Colours cover.

Linda's Pete Duel site has a slew of video captures from "How to Steal an Airplane." Check pages 9 (especially), 10 and 11.

Items for Sale (Non-Musical)

Buy the issue of Cool and Strange magazine which includes a Longet feature.

The Swingin Chicks site also published a book, covering '60s-era gals. However, Claudine is deleted! C'mon, are you telling me Janis Joplin represents the "swingin' chick" ethic better than Claudine?


Finally, a transcript of "Saturday Night Live"'s Claudine Longet Invitational segment is available.

A 1972 article discussing Claudine's relationship with actor Ben Murphy. Neat!

Time magazine has some old articles about Longet archived.

A full discography for Barnaby Records, which is quite informative and interesting.

Varèse Vintage has posted perfunctory information about the label's Longet compilation.

Leslie Pfenninger's website has plenty of background information about A&M Records and its releases (usually for a price, however).

An attractive page depicting Andy Williams' appearances on "The Bobby Darin Show," including a small photo of Andy and Claudine.

More about "The Andy Williams Show."

A remarkably detailed Andy Williams discography -- in Japanese!

The Los Angeles Times search engine reveals all its mentions of Claudine Longet (almost 400).

HighBeam Research has older Longet articles available for a premium.

Sophomoric singer-comedian Kip Addotta shows a gift for spelling errors, and steals material from Girlyhead and me, passing it off as his own.

A strange anecdote about Claudine and Spider Sabich.

Members of a skiing forum recall their times with Sabich.

A hilarious list of favorite TV moments includes the SNL skit.

Did you know that a music publishing company was named after Claudine?

The UK label Él has released a compilation album titled Sunshine Pop 99 -- check the cover art, "Party" fans.

A microchip on the U.S. satellite Stardust includes Claudine's name (see here for further explanation).

Tori Amos reveals she's somewhat of a fan in a very bizarre interview.

The Aluminum Group and Mrs. Steven Spielberg are also fans.

Belgian pop act Hooverphonic gets compared to Claudine, as does Anita Lane, Vanessa Paradis and (gulp) Jennifer Lopez.

A curious court document concerning Andy Williams.

More information about the Rolling Stones' "Claudine."

Is Claudine annoying?

And her horoscope.

A local girl I personally know with an eerie Longet resemblance. No?

Relevant contemporary artists

Black Box Recorder, Isobel Campbell, The Cardigans, Dusty Trails, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Bebel Gilberto, Ivy, Kahimi Karie, Keren Ann, St. Étienne

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