The Little Prince (Music for Little People, released 1975)

1. Introduction: Emergency Desert Landing
2. Aviator's Desert Theme
3. Little Prince "Star" Theme
4. Theme of the Drawn Little Sheep
4. House of Rosy Brick (Solo)
5. My Love Is a Flower (Theme)
6. The King's Royal March
7. The Conceited Man
8. The Tippler
9. The Businessman
10. The Lamplighter
11. The Geographer
12. My Love Is a Flower (Reprise)
13. The Snake
14. The Fox
15. The Railway Switchman
16. Aviator's Desert Theme
17. Little Prince "Star" Theme
18. The Singing Well
19. Little Prince (Reprise)
19. Little Prince (Departure)
20. My Love Is a Flower (Reprise)
21. Aviator's Theme
22. Little Prince "Star" Theme
23. Desert Landing (Reprise)

The Cast
Richard Burton: Narrator, The Aviator
Jonathan Winters: The King, The Snake
John Carradine: The Conceited Man, The Geographer, The Fox
Jim Backus: The Businessman, The Tippler, The Railway Switchman
Claudine Longet: The Flower
Mark Conrad: The Lamplighter
Billy Simpson: The Little Prince

This was a children's album, based on the landmark book by Antoine De Saint-Exupéry. I've never heard the disc, but I suspect the tracks are nothing but narration laid over program music. No singing. The record won the 1976 Grammy for "Best Album for Children." If you can furnish a scan of the album's back cover, please email me.

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