Cuddle Up with Claudine Longet (Spanish issue: Munster, released April 15, 2003)
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1. They Long to Be Close to You 3:00
2. Peace Will Come According to Plan 3:16*
3. Broomstick Cowboy 2:58
4. Mucho Tiempo Mas (Long Long Time) 3:21 [Spanish version]
5. We've Only Just Begun 3:02
6. I'll Be There 2:42
7. Ain't No Mountain High Enough 3:33
8. Look What They Done to My Song, Ma 2:47
9. Cry Me a River 3:35
10. Make It With You 3:30*
11. Como La Luna (Electric Moon) 4:09 [Spanish version]
12. God Only Knows 3:33
13. Every Night 2:37
14. Hey That's No Way to Say Good-Bye 3:03
15. Wake Up to Me Gentle 2:37
16. Medley: Jealous Guy/Don't Let Me Down 3:40
17. Birds 3:04
18. Remember the Good 3:08
19. Sleep Song 2:53
20. Let's Spend the Night Together 3:52
21. When I Loved Him 4:05*
22. Sleep Safe and Warm 2:36*
23. Anytime of the Year 2:18*
24. Guess Who I Saw in Paris 2:46
25. You Don't Have to Be a Baby to Cry 1:58
26. All Alone Am I 3:19
27. Who Broke Your Heart 2:54*
28. Every Beat of My Heart 2:56*
29. Sugar Me 2:54
30. You Set My Dreams to Music 2:55
31. I Cannot Love You 4:14*
32. As If You Walked Away 3:00

Tracks 1-3, 5-10 are from We've Only Just Begun
Tracks 4, 11 are from a Spanish-language single
Tracks 12-21 are from Let's Spend the Night Together
Track 22 is a B-side
Tracks 23-32 are from Sugar Me
Tracks 2, 10, 21-23, 27, 28, 31 are only on the vinyl pressing

Of course, the album was named after this website, and I wrote the liner notes and helped choose the tracks. If you buy the double-vinyl pressing instead of the CD, you get every song from the three Barnaby-era albums minus the bookended instrumental "While You Were Sleeping" from Let's Spend the Night Together, and "With Wings" and "Goodbye Jimmy Goodbye" from Sugar Me. None of these tracks are much of a loss. You also lose the English versions of "Electric Moon" and "Long Long Time," which is somewhat regrettable. However, the alternate Spanish versions are rare and collectable, as is the hard-to-find "Sleep Safe and Warm."

Sorry to say that the CD's initial pressing includes five typos or misspellings on the back cover. "Courtesy of" is instead "courtesy if," "French lyrics" becomes "Frech lyrics," "All Alone Am I" is listed as just "All Alone Am" and the names of Buffy Sainte-Marie ("Saint Marie") and Melanie Safka ("Saftka") are slightly misspelled. Meanwhile, the vinyl version lacks the "Courtesy of" and "All Alone Am I" errors, but adds a misspelling of "Kristofferson" and a second misspelling of "Safka." Plus, the vinyl has a few factual mistakes: It claims "Sleep Safe and Warm" is "previously unreleased in any form," and lists six songwriting credits as "Unknown" (two of these six also appear on the CD). Pardon my fussy proofreading.

Note that "Look What They Done to My Song, Ma" has been returned to its proper title, rather than the altered "grammatical" title found on the original We've Only Just Begun.

Read my official liner notes in full.

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