Film credits

1. "McHale's Navy" (1964) character: Andrea Bouchard
2. "The Party" (1968) character: Michele Monet [song: "Nothing to Lose" (LYRICS)]
3. "Massacre Harbour" (1969) (TV) character: Marianne [assembled from "Rat Patrol" episodes]
4. "How to Steal an Airplane" [aka "The Scavengers" and "Only One Day Left Before Tomorrow"] (1971) (TV) character: Michelle Chivot [song: "The Sadness of a Happy Time"]

Television credits

1. "McHale's Navy": played "Yvette Gerard" in episode "The Big Raffle" 2/7/63
2. "McHale's Navy": played "Yvette Gerard" in episode "One Enchanted Weekend" 3/28/63
3. "Dr. Kildare": played "Mme Duprès" in episode "Ship's Doctor" 4/18/63
4. "The Andy Williams Show" 12/31/63
5. "The Joey Bishop Show": played herself in episode "Andy Williams Visits Joey" 4/25/64
6. "The Kraft Suspense Theatre": played "Marie Ange" in episode "Operation: Grief" 10/8/64
7. "Combat!": played "Claudette" in episode "Silver Service" 10/13/64 [guest star: Mickey Rooney]
8. "The Jack Benny Program": played herself in episode "Jack Loses a Raffle" 11/13/64
9. "The Andy Williams Show" 12/21/64
10. "Mr. Novak": played "Sharhri Javid" in episode "The Silent Dissuaders" 2/16/65
11. "Twelve O'Clock High": played "Suzanne Arnais" in episode "The Loneliest Place in the World" 9/13/65
12. "The Andy Williams Show" 12/13/65
13. "Twelve O'Clock High": played "Liane" in episode "Underground" 1/17/66
14. "Hogan's Heroes": played "Michelle" in episode "It Takes a Thief...Sometimes" 1/28/66
15. "Run for Your Life": played novelist "Nicole Longet" in episode "The Sadness of a Happy Time" 5/16/66 [song: "Meditation"]
16. "The Andy Williams Show" 9/25/66
17. "The Andy Williams Show" 12/18/66
18. "The Rat Patrol": played "Marianne" in three-part episode "The Last Harbor Raid" 12/19/66, 12/26/66, 1/02/67 [songs: "Auprès de ma Blonde," "Sur le Pont d'Avignon"]
19. "The Andy Williams Show" 3/12/67
20. "Combat!": played blind girl "Babette" in episode "The Partisan" 3/14/67 [also appearing: Robert Duvall]
21. "Run for Your Life": again played "Nicole Longet" (see #15) in episode "The Word Would Be Goodbye" 4/25/67
22. "The Andy Williams Show" 11/6/67
23. "The Andy Williams Christmas Show" 12/13/67
24. "The Andy Williams Christmas Show" 12/19/68
25. "The Name of the Game": played "Leanne Jevret" in premiere episode "The Fear of High Places" 9/20/68
26. "The F.B.I.": played "Danielle Chabrol" in episode "Caesar's Wife" 1/26/69 [note: Longet acts with a young Harrison Ford]
27. "The Andy Williams Magic Lantern Show Company" 5/4/69
28. "The Andy Williams Show" 10/4/69
29. "The Bold Ones: The Lawyers" playing "Suzanne" in episode "The Rockford Riddle" 11/16/69
30. "This Is Tom Jones" 11/27/69 [songs: "You Can't Have Everything," "Something," "How Little We Know," "MacArthur Park" (duet with Jones)]
31. "The Andy Williams Show" 12/20/69 [songs: "Thank You Baby," (duet with Andy) "Run Wild, Run Free/Silent Night"]
32. "Love, American Style": episode "Love and the Minister" 3/27/70
33. "The Andy Williams Show" 11/14/70
34. "The Andy Williams Show" 12/19/70
35. "The Flip Wilson Show": in episode #14 12/17/70(?)
36. "Alias Smith and Jones": played "Michelle Monet" in episode "Journey from San Juan" 4/8/71 [song: "Tu as Beau Sourire"]
37. "Monsanto Presents Mancini": co-hosted 8/71
38. "The Andy Williams Christmas Show" 12/14/71 [songs: "The Morning Star," (duet with Andy) "Love"]
39. "The Bobby Darin Amusement Company" 8/24/72 [song: "You've Got a Friend" (with Darin)]
40. "Tennessee Ernie Ford's White Christmas" 12/23/72
41. "The Streets of San Francisco": played "Michelle Karl" in episode "The Set-Up" 1/25/73
42. "The Andy Williams Christmas Show" 12/13/73 (also co-wrote)
43. "The Andy Williams Christmas Show" 12/11/74 (also co-wrote; sister Danielle appears too)
44. "The Legendary Curse of the Hope Diamond" 3/27/75

And of course...

"Saturday Night Live": 4/24/76 (host: Raquel Welch, musical guests: John Sebastian and Phoebe Snow)
This is the night of the infamous "Claudine Longet Invitational" sketch, which didn't include Longet herself but is nevertheless a seminal moment in her television history. A synopsis of the episode can be found here, including a definitive transcript of the Longet segment! (Note that this episode also included Lorne Michaels' legendary $3,000 offer for a Beatles reunion.)

"Well, that was a short career, wasn't it?" -- Michele Monet, in "The Party"