Cuddle Up with Claudine Longet, the album!

October, 2005: New Longet compilation released
September 25, 2012: Andy Williams dies at 84

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"Coincidence or not, everybody in the current lineup of our band is a huge Claudine Longet fan. She's so goddamn great. We love her. We have all her stuff!" -- Carla Bozulich, the Geraldine Fibbers

"I don't know who that is, I'm sorry." -- Sarah Nixey, Black Box Recorder

Pop culture may remember Claudine Longet for just two achievements: her co-starring role in the 1968 Peter Sellers vehicle "The Party," and her starring role in the 1976 shooting of skier Spider Sabich. Her past marriage to singer Andy Williams doesn't always register -- after all, Williams' past stardom hasn't transferred well to younger generations and mostly depends on the cozy nostalgia of the Branson, Missouri set. Meanwhile, Longet's original albums flicker in and out of print, as A&M and what's left of Barnaby casually license her recordings to fledgling label after label, pleased to grab some side money while someone else does the real work on the reissues. The resulting discs usually sell for nasty import prices, and are near impossible to find in brick-and-mortar stores. Her tunes were never even compiled into a decent anthology until the past few years.

So why a website? Well, since the record industry does its best to marginalize this stigmatized chanteuse, it's up to her fans to prove otherwise. There are still a couple of areas which could be expanded, but this site is a fairly comprehensive look at her career. There is no other source for in-depth Longet information on the Web -- believe me, I've looked.

Claudine Georgette Longet was born in Paris, France on January 29, 1942. See the other pages for more background.

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Note: This site is strictly unofficial, and has no direct ties to Longet. In fact, we may safely conclude that she doesn't approve -- she has never contacted the site, despite it being the Web's only substantial Longet resource for over 10 years.