The Cross-Country Calculator

Calculate various time and distance parameters for cross country. Enter the speed, distance, and level, and we'll calculate the optimum time, the speed penalty time, and the maximum time. You can also figure out how fast you went on your last run.


From the AHSA rules for Horse Trials, allowed parameters at each level:
meters per minute
Number of obstacles
Beginner Novice,
300-400 mpm1500-2000m12-20 jumping efforts
Training:400-450 mpm2000-2500m16-22 jumping efforts
Preliminary:520-550 mpm2000-3000m18-28 jumping efforts
Intermediate:550-570 mpm2400-3500m22-32 jumping efforts
Advanced:570-600 mpm3250-4000m25-40 jumping efforts

... Calculate Before You Run ...

Select your level:

Enter the speed: meters per minute
Enter the distance: meters    

The optimum time is:   The maximum time allowed is:

If you're faster than , you will incur speed faults at this level. (This is a speed of meters per minute.)

Here are your minute marker locations:


How Fast Did You Go?

You finished! But how fast was your average pace?

   Enter the length of the course: meters.

   Enter your time on the course: mm:ss.    

Your average pace was meters per minute.

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